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Australian Dollar to USD 0.76 0.00
CAD to USD 0.78 0.00
Renminbi to USD 0.16 0.00
Euro to USD 1.06 0.00
GBP to USD 1.49 0.00
Indian Rupee 0.02 0.00
Singapore Dollar to USD 0.72 0.00
USD to Swiss Francs 1.01 0.00
USD to Yen 121.45 0.00
Market Snapshot
All Ordinaries IDX 5,763.30 31.00
Dow Jones Indistrial 10,356.28 91.65
CAC 40 4,997.75 115.80
FTSE 100 6,721.51 18.67
DAX - Comp. 11,805.99 305.61
S&P 500 2,040.24 3.92
TSX Composite index 14,739.20 97.44
Hang Seng 23,717.97 179.01
Nasdaq 4,849.94 9.85
Nikkei 225 18,723.52 58.41
Swiss Market index 9,106.23 82.52
Straits Times 3,378.59 19.67
DJ Euro Stoxx 50 3,649.54 82.29
Swiss Exchange
ABB N 20.37 0.13
Adecco N 79.85 4.30
Julius Baer 46.37 1.08
Baloise Hld 130.10 1.40
Richemont U 83.80 1.30
Clariant N 17.57 0.18
CS Goup N 25.27 0.27
Holcim N 75.00 1.40
Lindt & Spruengli PS 5,235.00 30.00
Logitech Int. SA 29.49 0.00
Nestle N 75.30 0.00
Nobel Biocare 0.00 0.00
Novartis N 96.85 1.15
Roche Holding 261.25 2.25
Swiss Re 0.00 0.00
Swiscop Reg. 555.50 8.50
SGS SA 1,913.00 8.00
Swiss Life Holding N 239.70 2.50
Syngenta N 334.40 6.50
Synthes N 0.00 0.00
Tecan Group N 114.20 2.60
UBS N 17.15 0.30
The Swatch Group 420.90 5.50
Zurich Fin Serv N 312.90 6.10
US Markets
Alcoa Inc. 13.59 0.09
American Intl Group Inc 54.72 0.30
Boeing 151.17 1.25
CMGI Inc 0.00 0.00
Cisco Systems, Inc. 28.26 0.40
Entrust Inc. 0.00 0.00
General Electric 25.19 0.02
General Motors 37.78 0.23
Google 551.18 3.83
IBM 156.80 1.01
Intel Corp 32.33 0.63
Intuit Inc 95.18 0.21
JDS Uniphase Corp 13.60 0.06
Kellogs 61.97 0.64
Mc Donalds 94.96 1.33
Microsoft 41.98 0.05
Nortel Networks Corp. 0.00 0.00
Proctor & Gamble Co. 81.39 0.15
Security Device Intl 0.00 0.00
Silver 15.35 0.00
Gold 1,155.00 0.00
Palladium 789.05 0.00
Platinum 1,116.40 0.00

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Traditional banks are moving online and challenger banks
are emerging across the globe.
Discover why online banking
has been gaining popularity,
and when, if ever, online banks will take over.

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Infocus International Group Pte Ltd (IIG)
LOC Virtual Energy Transition
  Live Online Course Over 4 Sessions. This time-effective course is designed to provide business decision-makers with a comprehensive overview of the energy transition: what it means, the technological solutions which will compete and coexist, and the policy and practical factors which will determine deployment pathways. For anyone involved in strategy...
Infocus International Group Pte Ltd (IIG)
LOC Virtual Project Finance & Project Financial Modelling
  Live Online Course Over 8 Sessions Today’s project finance (PF) transactions require a higher level of expertise not only in programming more sophisticated and flexible financial models, but also in incorporating the latest risk mitigation and credit enhancement instruments. While higher standards of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact management are being demanded of all major capital projects worldwide...
Infocus International Group Pte Ltd (IIG)
LOC Virtual Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)
  Live Online Course Over 4 Sessions. This course is intended for those in business, commercial and strategically focused roles within the energy sector; in particular those responsible for environmental matters, business sustainability and business transformation in areas such as oil & gas, hydrogen and industrial energy usage.
Infocus International Group Pte Ltd (IIG)
LOC Virtual Power Purchase Agreement
  Live Online Course Over 5 Sessions. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) operate in many different contexts. They can be used to support the development of new projects, or for the supply of energy from existing projects. They can be written by independent power producers, governments or utilities. They can operate in regions with sophisticated power exchanges and markets, and they can also operate in developing countries...
Infocus International Group Pte Ltd (IIG)
LOC Virtual Mastering Clean Hydrogen
  The ‘hydrogen economy’ was first described 50 years ago, but failed to develop. Now hydrogen is making a comeback, with unprecedented momentum from both policymakers and industry amid a background of energy decarbonisation. Nevertheless, given its failure in the past, current investors and business developers in the sector are strongly advised to ensure they understand the complexities and competitive environments of the hydrogen landscape.
Finance Magnates Pacific Summit (FMPS:24)
SUM International Convention Centre (ICC)
Sydney, Australia
Finance Magnates Pacific Summit (FMPS:24)
  The Finance Magnates Pacific Summit 2024 brings together local and global expertise, providing a dynamic platform to connect, learn, and build valuable relationships.Having already established leading summits in London, UK and Sandton, South Africa, we are now on a mission to become one of Asia-Pacific’s leading exhibitions in online trading, fintech, payments and crypto.
EXB IMPACT Exhibition Center
Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo(TAAPE) 2024
  The Thailand Amusement & Attraction Parks Expo (TAAPE) is a significant event in the amusement and attractions industry, showcasing the latest innovations, technologies, and trends.TAAPE 2024 will come back on Sept.3-5!
COMPASS Exhibition Co., Ltd
EXB IMPACT Exhibition Centre
Bangkok, Thailand
The ASEAN Patio Pool Spa Expo
  The ASEAN Patio Pool Spa Expo, organized by COMPASS Exhibition Co., Ltd. and co-hosted by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, is set to take place from September 3rd to 5th, 2024, at the IMPACT Exhibition Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Sponsored by industry giants and supported by key associations like the Tourism Council of Thailand and the European Spas Association (ESPA), this event serves as a pivotal platform for the global pool, spa, and water treatment sector.

Planet of finance
the first global marketplace for wealth management executives. Created in Switzerland by investment professionals for investment professionals..
    Planet of finance
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Kaishen AG
Established in 1967, Kaishen AG is a boutique wealth advisory firm with two core business units; we are specialized in providing select domestic and international clients with private and family wealth management solutions and we offer advice and expertise with fundraising, visibility and corporate finance to private or listed companies.
    Kaishen AG
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private banking
private banking
private banking
private banking
private banking
private banking
private banking

Get the attention you always wanted and promote your corporate image and standing by benefiting from our state of the art interactive web presence.
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Ascent Limited
Experience The Difference. Ascent Limited provides first class wealth management and family office services. Our private banking team, assembled from a group of highly experienced banking professionals, will provide financial advice tailored to your individual requirements and keep your portfolio in tune with the latest market developments and opportunities.
    Ascent Limited
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