2 Tips To Help You Avoid All Forex Trading Scams

While trading forex can be an endeavor that’s equally as exciting as it is profitable, it is also connected to a certain risk. Some of that risk is unavoidable and the reason forex trading is so exciting. Other risks can be limited and controlled by skill, stop-loss, and other practical tools and features. Then there are some risks that can and should be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, the forex market has been tainted with scams and unserious operators whose only goal it is to ruin and steal. The scams are often well-planned and designed to trick even experienced … Continue Reading

How to Plan for Your Digital Life After Death

How to Plan for Your Digital Life After Death

These days our lives are lived almost entirely online; subscription services, online banking, PayPal accounts, and dozens of other accounts will be left behind when we pass one. The question of how to deal with your digital life after death is becoming a key consideration for people like lawyers and financial advisors. After all cleaning up the maze of accounts, email addresses, and subscriptions will be necessary for the effective closing of your … Continue Reading

How International Online Companies Cater to the Payment Needs of Existing and New Customers

Whenever a company decides to expand into a new jurisdiction, there are many factors that need to be considered, including the local laws, the potential customer base, logistics, and the payment methods that are available and preferred in the area. As receiving payment is, effectively, the reason why a company would expand into a country, it’s an aspect of international expansion which deserves to be one of the highest priorities and requires a lot of consideration.

While there are more globally adopted payment methods, such as the use of credit and debit cards, each country’s population will have their preferences. … Continue Reading

Changing Conditions Cause a Surge in CFD Trading Activity

More people are investing in contracts for difference (CFDs); that’s the assumption following new data from XTB.

The Polish foreign exchange broker recently published its Q3 financial report showing a significant change of fortunes. More than a year after the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) issued restrictions on CFD trading, XTB has bounced back with a $4 million quarterly profit. That’s a marked difference from the $753,000 loss reported in Q3 2018.

Looking through the figures, the uptick in earnings is thanks to increased activity on the platform. As per the … Continue Reading

Is it Better to Take or Invest a Sudden Windfall?

A significant proportion of proper financial management involves planning well in advance. This can make sudden windfalls of cash a major confounding issue. Should you suddenly find yourself the recipient of a large influx of cash, through inheritance, lottery win, or any other means, what would be the best way to manage it?

The Source can Dictate the Direction

Before deciding on a direction, you need to take into account the profound effect an event will have for those around you. In some cases, like an unexpected successful investment, these earnings can usually be safely cordoned off as yours.

In … Continue Reading

How Will the World of Banking Change with Digital Technology?

Aside from some changes here and there, the world of banking has remained much the same for years. We tied our currencies to the gold standard and later stopped doing this, the US and UK introduced the Bretton Woods System, the US went through Nixon Shock and the UK through decimalization, how we’ve looked at money has generally been the same. But changes in the past few years have already catapulted us towards a future that has a different relationship with finance. From the growth of digital payment methods and the reliance on contactless and paying through our phones to the rise of cryptocurrency and … Continue Reading

Retirement Planning: 7 Essential Things to Consider

Retirement Planning: 7 Essential Things to Consider

Seven Important Tips for Future Pensioners

Achieving financial security after retirement requires proper planning and money. Typically, US pensioners have an average life expectancy of 79 years. For those born after 1960, the retirement age is set at 67, irrespective of their gender. You can start getting a pension at the age of 62, but you will receive 20% less in this case. Therefore, you should take care of your pension well in advance and make a habit of saving money. Similarly, you can buy college papers and save your … Continue Reading

Amazon Stock Watchers Should Keep an Eye on the Pentagon


Donald Trump does not conduct the business of government in a conventional manner. Whatever you think of the 45th President of the United States, it difficult to argue with that statement. It is also fair to say that the President is pugnacious, perhaps prone to a grudge or two. So, it should be with great interest that we hear the decision of the Pentagon on the award of a $10 billion “JEDI” cloud computing contract, which is expected to be announced sometime in July. … Continue Reading

The number of British bankers and financial services workers migrating to Britain has risen by nearly a third, according to data compiled by a UK TV news channel.

Channel 4 News said, according to figures from the Swiss Federal Migration Office, 383 British citizens working in banking and financial services moved to Switzerland in 2010, an increase of 28% on the previous year.

Financial institutions and politicians have lobbied the UK government against increased taxation, arguing that the changes would drive the banking industry overseas. Switzerland, with its low personal and business taxes, is a favored destination.

Under the broader rubric of banking, insurance and consulting, which includes IT, 1,379 Britons were given permission to work long-term in Switzerland in 2010. This is an increase of 29% over the 2009 … Continue Reading

The Finance Lounge passes 100,000 memebrship mark

The Finance Lounge, the premiere business network platform for the wealth industry has surpassed 100,000 members. We encourage anyone interested to broaden his/her network to join and start developing relationships with like-minded professionals. Basic membership is complimentary.

We look forward to seeing you join.

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