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Marcuard Family Office: Investment outlook

Coming off the heels of one of the worst performing quarters in recent memory, global financial markets let out a collective sigh of relief after the Fed engineered the Bear Stearns bailout. Stockmarkets worldwide rebounded sharply off their lows, and short term bottoms have been secured for now. Even though world economic performance has diverged pronouncedly over the last few quarters, stockmarket decoupling remains illusive. In fact, the region with the strongest growth momentum-Asia, had the worst market performance in the 1st quarter.

Although we believe factors continue to point to a worsening long term trend in … Continue Reading

Pro Fiducia Treuhand AG

Family Office

You would like to keep your assets and transfer them to your children without losing any substance due to inheritance tax? There are various options available under Swiss laws governing foundations, which allow you to transfer your assets into a charitable foundation and at the same time allow a third party to benefit from regular donations. For this purpose, we will conduct an individual analysis of your assets and advise you regarding appropriate measures.

Establishing a company

Canton Nidwalden – an attractive location You would like to establish a company and benefit … Continue Reading

Marcuard Family Office

Marcuard Family Office is one of the leading independent Multi-Client Family Offices in Europe. Established in 1998, it is specially designed in order to provide families that have complex ownership and asset structures with comprehensive advice which goes far beyond traditional asset management.

We greatly value the trust of selected family relationships with roots in Switzerland, Europe, Asia, North and South America. For them we provide a broad range of family office services and invest on their behalf in the world’s most important financial markets.

Our services

We pride ourselves on the interdisciplinary nature of the services we offer. This enables us … Continue Reading

Solidinvest: economic trends and investment scenarios.


The global economic chill persisted throughout the third quarter. The leading indicators suggest that the economic trend will remain sluggish until well in the coming year. Conversely, inflation pressure is likely to ease, and no further interest-rate hikes are in sight in Europe.

The American economic engine is still stalling. As long as the value of real estate keeps eroding, property prices will continue to have a negative impact on the balance sheets of banks and on consumer spending. While the adjustment process in home prices is already far advanced, the demise … Continue Reading

Treuco: we are dedicated to reliability, discretion and customer care.

TREUCO – with domicile in the major financial and business city Zurich – offers a comprehensive range of trust company services in the fields of legal and tax advice, management and fiduciary services and portfolio management.

Investment Consultancy and Asset Management

Treuco assists you with tailor-made financial services, customised on your individual investment needs. We particularly value continuity in the personal relationships with our clients and the lasting management of the assets, which have been entrusted to us. We offer you an open and independent product and service platform.

Investment Process

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Agefor S.A.

The main activity of AGEFOR is the management of assets for a range of clients including private individuals, Trusts, Funds, Foundations, and other Institutions.

We endeavour to meet our clients’ special requirements. Whether this involves a maximum return on capital or capital appreciation, the requirements differ in each particular case.

Investment Policy

The investment policy of AGEFOR is based on proven conservative principles.

We always give priority to the long-term protection of our clients’ capital. Investments are only placed in economically and politically stable countries.

All investment decisions are continuously reviewed in the light of the international situation.

This policy lays emphasis on high performing, … Continue Reading

Banca del Sempione

Banca del Sempione wants to be the ideal partner for its private and institutional clients as they enter into the world of private banking. While constantly pursuing innovation, Banca del Sempione is also careful to maintain and sustain useful traditions. It constantly monitors products that the market offers, ready to select and advise the best ones in the exclusive interests of its clients.

This is the result of its being a private bank, hence free and independent, objective, and not constrained by ties and conflicts of interest. A bank that benefits from the presence of its top management in Ticino, … Continue Reading

REYL Private Office Sàrl

REYL Private Office, headed by Pierre Condamin-Gerbier, acts as a wealth coordinator, private secretary and fiduciary administrator, placing all its resources at the service of its clients’ personal and professional success.

It offers private fortunes with demanding and complex personal and professional lifestyles a dedicated, independent and comprehensive resource acting as catalyst of best practice to facilitate all their intiatives, from the adminstration of their day-to-day lives to the implementation of complex strategic wealth solutions.

This structure allows them to spare their most precious commodity: time, whilst reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of all their initiatives.

It allows them to focus, … Continue Reading

Causeway Financial

Private debt finance is a bespoke form of debt finance which is structured to assist middle market size companies to meet their growth targets through asset based and cash flow finance solutions.

Causeway Asset Management Limited is the Responsible Entity (“RE”) for the Causeway Australasian Private Debt Opportunities Fund and the Investment Manager to the Causeway Australasian Private Debt Opportunities (Cayman) Fund.

Investment Strategy

The Fund provides borrowers with flexible, timely and innovative financing solutions. Generally beyond the scope of traditional debt and working capital providers, these solutions are based on criteria such as credit worthiness of borrower counter parties, value of inventory … Continue Reading

Bank Jacob Safra Switzerland

The Safra family has been a notable and respected force in the Swizerland banking community since the 1950′s. In 1956, Jacob Safra, together with his son Edmond, chose Geneva to be the headquarters of a very successful family enterprise. Now, Jacob Safra Bank enters the new millenium reinforcing its traditionally solid presence in Switzerland, inaugurating offices in two of the world’s leading financial centers: Geneva and Zurich.

The Investment Style of Bank Jacob Safra

Over the years, financial markets have become increasingly complex, but the concept of “investing” remains fairly simple Investing is laying out money today to get back more … Continue Reading