2nd Annual International Conference Ukrainian Investor Meetings, April 17, 2009 Kiev

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On April, 17, 2009 for just one day Kyiv will become the financial capital of the world, where the largest investors, investment banks, stock exchanges, M&A specialists will meet Ukrainian companies and commercial banks.

We invite you to take part in the Second annual international conference “Ukrainian Investor Meetings-2009” that will be held on April 17, 2009 in Kiev’s Premier Palace hotel.
Special guest of the conference – NYSE Euronext, the world’s largest stock exchange holding. General Legal Partner of the Conference – Arzinger. Organizers of the Conference are DAGDA LLC, Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts and Ukrainian Association of Investment Business.
“Ukrainian Investor Meetings-2009” will be attended by top management and owners of big businesses from the Ukrainian real sector, heads of financial departments, investment and commercial bankers, auditors, lawyers, consultants, Investor Relations specialists and representatives of strategic investors and funds interested in Ukraine.

The “Ukrainian Investor Meetings-2009” will include:
a). Discussing the opportunities to attract investment from portfolio investors, private equity funds, strategic investors.
b). Meetings of the Ukrainian companies, which are looking for investment from strategic investors or through public placement, with potential investors, investment funds and companies, exchanges, and consultants.

Key issues to be raised at the Conference:
- Financing business at the times of the crisis
- M&A – how to make a deal correctly – lessons for the seller and the buyer
- Possibilities of private or public placements on the stock exchange platforms of NYSE Euronext (Amsterdam, Brussels, New York, Paris)
- What is the right way to attract strategic investor, and which type of investor to choose
- Working with private equity funds during the crisis
- Global approaches to Investor Relations

We have invited for participation in “Ukrainian Investor Meetings-2009”:
- world leading auditor firms;
- respected international and local law firms;
- biggest enterprises and banks;
- international banks-depositors and investment banks;
- large institutional investors.

Each participant of the Conference will receive the research book on “Investor Relations: a Manual for Companies Attracting Investors” (170 pages), which is a practical guide on the formation of effective Investor Relations system in a company. More about the research book – www.dagda.com, section “Research”.

You can have a look at our past conferences at the websites:
«Ukrainian IPO meetings 2008» on the websitehttp://www.ipo.meetings.org.ua/en
«Ukrainian investor meetings 2008» on the websitehttp://www.investor.meetings.org.ua/en

You can find more detailed program and the registration form on our web-sitewww.dagda.com.ua Registration, partnership and other issues: tel. +38 (044) 495-57-24

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