Search Engine Marketing with Social Media Workshop – April 2010, Singapore, Hong Kong


Capitalise on the Two Hottest Platforms to Improve Brand Visibility & Increase Quality Leads!

The advent of search engines has revolutionised the way customers research and decide their purchases – they now search not only for a product but also for comments and experiences. Social media, another high-traffic platform, fulfils this need and also offers companies the opportunity to connect and market their businesses. It is a potent force multiplier through which you can generate an avalanche of positive conversations and influence your customers’ search results beyond your own website listing. Differentiate and position your company by being proactive, establishing trust with the community and touching customers in their own online space. In the evolving web environment, a co-ordinated search engine marketing campaign with social media is the key to engaging the information-savvy customer and realising the full potential of your brand.

Is your company’s performance on search engines lacklustre?

Do you know how to engage your customer from search to purchase?

Can you integrate social media and search engine marketing to build your brand?

Attend this 2-day practical workshop and, through the lens of social media, be equipped with refreshing SEM strategies and solutions to improve brand image and maximise ROI. Learn to achieve the best search rankings for your website and convince customers to make the purchase with cutting-edge strategies on Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media, Customer Conversion, Web Analytics, ROI, Online Branding, and Creating a Marketing Mix. Implement campaigns across borders with tested management techniques and leverage on upcoming platforms like mobile local search to bring customers to your doorstep. By capitalising on the synergies of SEM and social media, you can reach your customer’s personal online world and even convert skeptics to evangelists!

Don’t leave your company’s search profile to chance. Seize this opportunity to reach out with social media & better position your brand!

Unique Features

  • Actionable insights to power your search campaign with Social      Media

  • Advanced strategies to leverage cutting-edge search platforms

  • Onsite demonstration of live websites supported by case studies

  • Interactive hands-on exercises to put techniques into practice immediately

Programme Highlights

Beyond Traditional Search Marketing


Leveraging social media and accessing video & local search

Search Engine Optimisation


Maximising page rankings while harnessing real-time and universal search

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising


Using keyword research for effective bid management

Customer Conversion


Translating online inquiries to purchases with conversion chain influencers

Metrics, KPIs and ROI


Measuring SEM effectiveness with affordable web analytics tools

Online Branding & Reputation Management


Generating positive conversations and mitigating negative results

Exploring Mobile Search


Establishing a foothold in this upcoming search platform

Creating a Marketing Mix


Multi-pronged marketing approach with SEM and social media

Managing and Maintaining SEM


Tactics to implement and review your SEM campaign

Outlook of SEM in Asia


Capitalising on regional trends and overcoming differences across borders

Benefits of Attending

Acquire techniques to plan and execute a SEM campaign for your business

Understand the importance of spearheading link development and tracking progress

Compare SEO and PPC, and decide the best strategy for you

Explore using testimonials, certifications and other best practices to convince a customer

Differentiate paid and unpaid web analytics solutions

Uncover budgeting tips to keep costs down and effectiveness up

Influence search results and brand perception with an effective engagement strategy

Gain skills to mitigate negative search engine results and protect your brand

Complement your corporate profile with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Find out how to optimise for smartphones like the iPhone and Nexus One

Comprehend the Local-Social-Mobile triumvirate of the new decade

Identify emerging trends for search engines and equip yourself with the right tools

Who Should Attend

VPs, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers & Professionals in charge of :

Marketing, Search Engines, Marcom, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Media, E-Marketing, Paid Search Advertising, Organic Search Optimisation, Web Design, Content Management, Lead Generation, Advertising & Promotions, Brand Management, Product Marketing, Sales, Channel Marketing, Trade Marketing and Media Planning.

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