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Collateral Management

OTC Derivatives, Repos and Securities Lending and Borrowing are now recognised as very sensitive areas inside many Securities Operations departments, whether on the Buy or Sell sides.

As the demise of Lehman Brothers showed, besides a number of unpublicised hiccups, Collateral Management within these activities is a critical function in mitigating counterparty risk … Continue Reading

4th Annual Funds Forum China 2010

About 4th Annual Funds Forum China 2010

Four years have witnessed the ups and downs in global economic development. 4th Annual Funds Forum China, China’s largest funds forum, will keep abreast of rapid-growing China funds industry and focus on funds investment and funds marketing and sales. Two-day conference and three -day abundant content will be more than your money’ worth. More intensive and in-depth sharing and discussion on macro economy, QDII, ETFs, funds marketing and sales and so on will be provided.

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Event Review:… Continue Reading

Transcontinental Trusts 2010

This year’s conference examines the issues facing the international wealth management industry at an unusually critical juncture.   Financial services have come under increasing pressure in recent years. More, but not necessarily better, regulation is the likely outcome.  How will this affect private clients, their advisors and private bankers?

To answer these questions in 2010 we have brought in the largest number of international speakers this conference has ever seen in its 25 years. Speakers from Hong Kong, Singapore, the Cayman Islands, Brazil and the United States will all aim to tackle the big transcontinental issues … Continue Reading

Starlight Investments, Private Equity Forums, New York

A Personal Message to Presenter Candidates:

If you are seeking capital and would like to be positioned to complete a round of financing this year, you are welcome to submit your application to present at our upcoming conference. This upcoming venue can greatly enhance your ability to accelerate the funding process and meet your capital raising goals. Since we only have … Continue Reading

Hedge Funds Summit, 20-22 June 2010, FL, USA

With pension funds beginning to rethink their relationships with hedge funds after severe losses, institutional investors will continue to strategize through 2010 with a focus on rebalancing their portfolios. They are starting to drive a harder bargain with hedge fund managers on a number of fronts, in particular to reducing hedge fund fees and the terms of the hedge fund investment, requiring more timely information and greater transparency into the funds investment.

Hedge Fund managers are bracing themselves for sweeping changes to be rolled out in 2010, the days of easy returns and the capacity to make risky bets are over, … Continue Reading

Cross Border Estate Planning, June 2010

Cross Border Estate Planning for UK & Non UK Domicilaries

Background to Cross Border Estate Planning

This is a vital conference for all practitioners involved in advising UK domiciliaries & non UK domiciliaries holding assets in multiple jurisdictions who are resident and (often) deemed domiciled in the UK for inheritance tax purposes. Working with clients with these issues involves a massive clash of succession and death duties laws.

Therefore, Patrick Soares & IBC have created the Cross Border Estate Planning conference that aims to introduce delegates to experts from many jurisdictions who will produce … Continue Reading

Cap Intro: Emerging Markets Alternative Investing, 1st July, 2010

Cap Intro: Macro | Emerging Markets Alternative Investing is a highly focused half-day capital introduction event bringing together active end-investors and successful, growing alternative investment managers focusing especially on opportunities in macro strategies and the emerging markets.

At the Cap Intro: Macro | Emerging Markets Alternative Investing, investors and investment managers get what they seek: one-on-one private meetings. It is an extraordinary opportunity to get first round or continued meetings with your potential investors/investment managers underway.

Rationale for investors: meet with exceptional managers investing in the macro strategies and the emerging markets in an extremely time efficient and productive format.

Rationale for … Continue Reading