Alternatives to PayPal for GamStop Customers

Alternatives to PayPal for GamStop Customers

Just like other self-exclusion services, Gamstop proves to be of incredible service to hundreds of punters within its reach. However, despite its upside, Gamstop can be very restrictive. Thus, it has become common for gamblers in the UK to search for online casino sites that are not on Gamstop.  These casinos are mostly offshore casinos, and they offer a much freer iGaming experience. One of the major reasons why punters may want to try out an offshore site is GamStop restrictions. 

Yet, finding an offshore or non Gamstop UK casinos with PayPal deposit can be very tricky or even impossible. GamStop customers are not allowed to deposit with PayPal as casinos that use GamStop are UKGC licensed. PayPal will only work with UKGC-approved online gambling sites. Since most of the non Gamstop sites do not come with a UKGC license, PayPal will not work with them.

PayPal is Unavailable for GamStop Players

PayPal is a respected payment gateway, so one may wonder why it is not an option available to players on the GamStop scheme. Gamstop sites ensure to operate under the online gambling standards of Great Britain. This means that all Gamstop casinos must continue to follow extremely strict operating rules. PayPal seeks to avoid all things related to fraud and certain gambling practices, so it only agrees to work with sites registered under the UKGC

Non-Gamstop operators, on the other hand, work with looser rules and hence lack PayPal as a payment method. But that isn’t enough reason to be sad! There are a ton of other alternatives to PayPal that players on Gamstop can use. Many of these options are similar to PayPal and convenient to use.


Now that you know PayPal is out of the question when it comes to gambling as a GamStop customer, you may feel the need to just give up on your gambling dreams. However, once you have decided to gamble with or without PayPal, finding alternatives becomes super easy. It is worthy to note that several of the alternatives to PayPal that you may find will come with restrictions. 

Some methods may not work for punters in certain areas, while others may have some annoying terms and conditions. The alternatives featured below are those that work for all GamStop players who wish to bet without PayPal.

Credit/Debit Card 

If you had played at any virtual casino platform before you registered with GamStop, you would know that there is always an option for players who wish to use credit/debit cards. As one of the best and most convenient ways to carry out gambling transactions, credit cards are a great choice for Gamestop players. Depending on what you prefer, the most common options of credit and debit cards available are MasterCard and Visa Card. Many people already own either of both cards, so it is easy to use them in an online casino.

Players who wish to acquire a credit or debit card can apply for one from their bank. To use a credit or debit card as a GamStop customer, you need to visit your selected casino’s payment section and click on credit/debit card as your preferred method of payment. Next, you must make your credit or debit card details available and proceed to make your payments. An upside to using either a Visa or MasterCard is that you get the chance to withdraw casino wins into your card in most cases. This ease of payment will help you avoid using a different method for withdrawals.


Cryptocurrencies are not two decades old yet, which means that they haven’t been around as long as online casinos have been. However, many players are starting to see good reasons why they should gamble with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. For a GamStop customer, you may need an alternative to PayPal because of the many annoying restrictions and checks. 

While Bitcoin is considered one of the safest methods or alternatives to PayPal, it also helps you skip all the checks and restrictions. As an added advantage, gambling with bitcoin is quite fast and supports both withdrawals and deposits. Many casinos that allow GamStop customers to play are beginning to support Bitcoin as a payment method.


Seeing E-Wallets as an option here will most likely cause you to question PayPal’s unavailability to GamStop customers. This is because PayPal is also considered an E-Wallet and functions as a host of other E-Wallets out there. 

Well, every platform runs on unique rules, so don’t worry. There Are a Ton of E-Wallets that GamStop customers can try out. Skrill is one of those E-Wallets, and it is available to customers from a wide range of regions. Before you select an E-Wallet from the payment section, do well to confirm that its service is available to customers in your region.

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