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Legal Services / Citizenship
WyssLaw, Advokatur & Notariat
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WyssLaw, Advokatur & Notariat
The focus is on you, your imagination, your visions – the most exciting premise, allowing us to share in the design of a successful corporation. As experienced attorneys in legal business issues, we are equally seasoned in the juridical environment of our own domicile in Zug, as well as in the cantonal, national and international legislation arenas. Drawing from our profound knowledge and broad experience, we will be at your side, from the verification of feasibility in terms of target and time, through to comprehensive counseling as a competent companion. Orchestrating the right relations is just as much part of our services as accompanying negotiations with business partners or clarifying procedural matters with the authorities. A promising partnership bound to generate benefits.
Europe Switzerland Zug Zug
Address:   Gartenstrasse 3, P. O. Box 4754, CH 6304 Zug, Switzerland
Phone: +41 41 711 88 41
Fax: +41 41 711 88 43
  Web: http://www.schnadt.ch/
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