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South America
Buenos Aires
Brokers / Security dealers
Enrique Zeni S.A.
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Enrique Zeni S.A.
Enrique R. ZENI Y Cía. S.A.C.I.A.F.e I. We started operating in 1940 as a small-size services company that was growing until becoming one of the main grain brokerage firms of the country. Throughout the decades, we kept pace with the evolution of the Argentine market of grain commercialization towards a higher professionalism and, from a brokerage standpoint, towards an added value service. The company diversified covering the industrial (timber and oil), livestock, forestry and citrus areas. At present, it has achieved a wide development generating security and confidence in its business management. Set up in different regions of the country, it is recognized for its solid leadership in the activities developed. In a permanent creation process, maintaining the spirit and the courage of past times, it constantly adapts to changes always projecting its business ahead. More than 65 years of experience capitalized in market knowledge, our customers’ needs and the actual conditions of our country. With the arrival of the new generations that gradually incorporated to the family business and the professionals occupying the executive positions, the Company undertook different production and industrial projects. Forestry activities, its industrialization, cattle breeding and citrus growing are developed in Esquina, Province of Corrientes. The feed-lot is carried out in Marcos Paz, Province of Buenos Aires. The industrialization of oil seeds is performed in Rafaela, Province of Santa Fe. Our history ensures the solidity and the reliability required in a market characterized by its growing and changing complexity. Confidence and customer service make the difference. Our success consists in identifying our customers’ needs in advance.
South America Argentina Buenos Aires
Address:   Sarmiento 459 3º Piso - CP:(C1041AAI) - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Phone: +54 11 5811 5000
Fax: +54 11 5811 5055
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