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South America
Buenos Aires
Legal Services / Citizenship
Alegria, Buey Fernández, Fissore & Montemerlo
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Alegria, Buey Fernández, Fissore & Montemerlo
Estudio Alegria, Buey Fernández, Fissore & Montemerlo is one of the leading law firms in Argentina, highly regarded for its intervention in complex and sophisticated cases, and as provider of international legal services. Local and international specialized publications have profiled the firm's practice as the best for debt restructuring and bankruptcy cases and its members have been recommended among the best M&A practitioners in Argentina. Héctor Alegria has been called "a phenomenon" by Chambers & Partners, ranked among the 100 leading lawyers worldwide and repeatedly selected among the top three lawyers in Argentina. The firm has consistently appeared and excelled in innovative, highly-complex transactions teaming up with specialists in other areas of law as well as with investment bankers, forming an interdisciplinary cohesive working group. This has not impared the firm's ability to develop sound and long-lasting relationships with clients in providing general corporate legal assistance. The firm has a staff of qualified, experienced attorneys, fluent in several foreign languages. Most partners have graduate studies and practiced in the U.S.
South America Argentina Buenos Aires
Address:   Avenida Santa Fe 1621, 6th Floor, Buenos Aires C1060ABC, Argentina
Phone: +54 11 4811 6060
Fax: +54 11 4812-6245
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