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South America
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Dominion Group International
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Dominion Group International
Since 1987, with a select group of professionals and businessmen of different countries, the DOMINION GROUP has been present in Latin America, supporting the development of industries and markets, financing, facilitating joint ventures and transfering European technology in order to contribute to the growth of companies, focusing in sectors with comparative advantages. Our expertise in quality control and technology of production supplied to our clients, has allowed them to chieve high levels of quality and volumes of supply that respond and comply extensively with the most strict requirements of the American and European markets. The development areas of DOMINION GROUP are mainly the food production, either fisheries or by the live stockbreeding, honey and agriculture. The food production and its storage and processing under strict control and the surveilance of professional technicians added to DOMINION GROUP´S quality control has come together with an efficient and rational commercial and logistic organization that allows the companies to directly reach international customers and provide a complete "door to door" service especially in Italy and Spain, and with the option to an 180 days financing.
South America Argentina Santa Fe Funes
Address:   Avenida America y Cimarron (2132) Funes, Santa Fe, Argentina,
Phone: +54 11 4110 0173/341 4934544
Fax: +54 11 4110 0173
  Web: http://dominiongroup.com.ar/
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