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South America
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
Legal Services / Citizenship
Escritorio de Advocacia Sergio Bermudes
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Escritorio de Advocacia Sergio Bermudes
Established in 1969 in Rio de Janeiro, the firm made legal history in the early 1970’s when its founder partner, Sergio Bermudes, filed proceedings on behalf of the widow of a leading political dissident, the journalist Vladimir Herzog, who had died in police custody. The case became a landmark in the struggle against the military dictatorship, and the court’s ruling that the authorities were guilty of torture and murder was widely hailed as a victory for democracy and justice in the darkest days of political repression in Brazil. In the 1980’s, as the country moved towards open government, the office developed and expended its litigation services to meet rapidly growing demand, and became a market leader in the fields of civil and commercial litigation and corporate restructure (insolvency) law. In the 1990’s, with democracy firmly established in Brazil, and the economy opened up to foreign trade, the office experienced a further period of growth. Drawing on the skills of established practitioners and newly qualified lawyers joining its ranks from the country’s leading law schools, it established specialist practices in litigation and regulatory issues in oil and gas, mining, insurance, banking and finance, as well as advice and assistance with general corporate and commercial issues and domestic and international contracts. Operating at the cutting edge of litigation services, the firm was at the forefront of the consolidation and growth of ADR in Brazil in the late 1990’s, and its role in several major arbitration proceedings, both domestic and international, was recognized both at home and abroad. This trend has continued throughout the early years of this decade. The firm moved to new state of the art premises in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, and increased staff numbers at all three of its offices. The combined total of legal and support personnel in Rio, São Paulo and Brasilia now stands at 300, together with correspondents throughout the country and abroad working.
South America Brazil Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro
Address:   Praça XV de Novembro n° 20, 7° and 8° floors, Edificio Bolsa do Rio, 20010-010 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phone: +55 21 3221 9000
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