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South America
Rio Grande do Sul
Porto Alegre
Legal Services / Citizenship
Lippert & Cia - Advogados
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Lippert & Cia - Advogados
Lippert & Cia. Advogados law office is committed to offering its clients legal solutions with efficiency and results. Our office has a comprehensive action, but it differs on account of a structure based on the diverse areas of Law, which interrelate among themselves so as to keep unity, and expeditious services. It is also a singular office due to the alliances made by means of partnerships and associations, what makes possible the performing of a work with both national and international grasp. Founded on November 16, 1964 by F. A. Gernot Lippert, the Office promotes the changes and innovations needed to meet the market's requirements. Likewise, it prioritizes the qualification of its lawyers, all of them specialized in different areas, and getting constantly updated. Along its existence, Lippert & Cia. Advogados has achieved the base that leads it to innovation without getting far from the aim of tending its clients in a personalized way, within ethical standards, always searching excellence in the legal solutions.
South America Brazil Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre
Address:   Av. Padre Cacique, n. 320 Bloco B, 5ยบ Andar : Zip Code 90810-240 : Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil
Phone: +55 51 3302.2600
Fax: +55 51 3302.2601
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