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South America
Santa Catarina
Legal Services / Citizenship
Mosimann, Horn & Advogados Associados
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Mosimann, Horn & Advogados Associados
Our firm was created from the union of the experienced attorney Oswaldo José Pedreira Horn, who has been working in the legal field since 1969, with the eminent and erudite former Minister of Brazil’s top court, the Superior Court of Justice, Hélio de Melo Mosimann, who retired from that post in 2001. Their experience is allied to the dynamism and efficiency of attorney Rafael de Assis Horn, who has worked in corporate litigation since 1997. We have a respected legal staff, which combines experience and innovation, and whose objective is to provide clients’ complete satisfaction. With a vanguard multidisciplinary organization, we work in practically all fields (consulting/prevention or litigation), especially in the Superior Courts. Our main office is located at the heart of Florianópolis, providing easy access to the judicial and administrative organs and allowing agile and effective service of client interests. In addition, we have associates in the main cities of the state and country, guaranteeing the operation of our firm throughout Brazil. Our staff shares responsibility for maintaining and developing a dynamic organization committed to defending our clients’ interests, guaranteeing reliability and security in addition to quality service, because that is what we believe in; it is our philosophy.
South America Brazil Santa Catarina Florianópolis
Address:   Praça Pereira Oliveira, 64, 3.º Andar - Edifício Emedaux, CEP 88010-540, Florianópolis - SC, Brazil
Phone: +55 48 3222 3738
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