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South America
São Paulo
São Paulo
Investment Banking
Dresdner Bank Brasil S.A. Banco Múltiplo
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Dresdner Bank Brasil S.A. Banco Múltiplo
Dresdner Bank Brasil S/A – Banco Múltiplo acts exclusively in the investment banking arena, specializing in local and international capital markets, foreign exchange trading and treasury. Our clients include domestic as well as international institutional and corporate clients. We do not offer products or services to individuals. Dresdner Bank Brasil S.A. Banco Múltiplo is currently ranked among the top 50 Brazilian Banks according to the latest published Central Bank of Brazil records. It has a capital base of approximately R$312 million (€106 million) and total assets of R$2 billion (€677 million). Since January 2009, Dresdner Bank has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Commerzbank Group. The amalgamation of both banks to form the “new Commerzbank” is expected to take place in Spring 2009. The merger of Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank will create not only a German national banking champion but also one of the leading financial institutions in Europe.
South America Brazil São Paulo São Paulo
Address:   Condomínio Edifício Plaza Iguatemi, Avenida Faria Lima, 2277 - 7º andar, 01452-000 - São Paulo – SP - Brasil
Phone: +55 11 2202 8100 / +55 11 4052 8100
Fax: +55 11 2202 8200 / +55 11 4052 8200
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