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South America
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São Paulo
Legal Services / Citizenship
Marques Rosado, Toledo Cesar & Carmona Advogados
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Marques Rosado, Toledo Cesar & Carmona Advogados
Marques Rosado, Toledo Cesar & Carmona Advogados was founded in 1995 and soon became well known for the quality of the legal services provided to its clients. Since its foundation, the Firm has experienced a successful legal practice and has gradually increased its business and improved its structure, presently located in a facility of seven hundred square meters, which houses its staff of approximately forty people. The firm's model of practicing law is based on direct contact between the client and the partners and professionals who are in charge for the services. The partners believe this ensures speed, quality and a high rate of productivity in rendering legal services, also providing a very interesting cost-benefit relation for the clients. Even with the sustained expansion of the Firm, this way of practicing law has been maintained. The longstanding relationship the Firm has kept with the clients is the best evidence of the success of the Firm's way of practicing Law. The existing structure of the Firm allows the delivery of high quality legal services to not only large Companies and Corporations, but also to small and medium size ventures and even to individuals, in the setting up a new business, in all Corporate, Civil and Commercial issues.
South America Brazil São Paulo São Paulo
Address:   Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 1478, 19° andar, CEP 01452-001 São Paulo SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 11 3817 9100
Fax: +55 11 3812 4969
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