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South America
Legal Services / Citizenship
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Ferrere is the largest law firm in Uruguay, recognized as market leader by all leading publications. Our group also includes CPA Ferrere, leader in accounting and consulting services; Ferrere Internacional, which works with non resident clients and coordinates the activities of our offices in Paraguay (AsunciĆ³n), Bolivia (Santa Cruz and La Paz) and Ecuador (Quito); EF Asset Management SA, a trust manager regulated by the Central Bank of Uruguay; and a representative office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ferrere has grown exclusively by working hard and anticipating change. We are not the oldest, nor were we the first; instead, we are amongst the youngest in the market. But we have always been the most dedicated, creative and business-oriented of local professional organizations, something that clients have rewarded by allowing us to grow consistently above the market. Except for conflict of interest reasons, we are present in most high-end financial transactions, complex acquisitions, tax disputes and bidding processes. For example, more than 80% of the securitizations done since 2001 in Uruguay were arranged by us, and about 25% of all farm and forestry land sold in Uruguay during 2007 was bought by our clients. We are committed to the communities in which we operate. Since 2004 we have been conducting a program with the National Institute for Children and Adolescents that provides scholarships to allow promising young men and women leaving the state-run system to continue college-level studies. We also support a number of other not for profit institutions. Our goal is to excel in every single deal, enjoy what we do, and represent the best clients in the most interesting transactions, always in line with the highest ethical standards. This may not be the easiest of objectives, but it is certainly the most interesting, and all our members are fully committed to it.
South America Uruguay Montevideo
Address:   Av. Dr. Luis A. de Herrera 1248, World Trade Center, Torre B, Montevideo | Uruguay
Phone: +598 2 623 0000
Fax: +598 2 628 2100
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