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Franco Rossi Franco Rossi posted 2009.07.14 09:38
Hello members of the bankers' network, this new feature called Facts & Rumors works in similar fashion like Twitter; but in addition your message can be seen in public and is indexed search engines.
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Nina Hoffmann Nina Hoffmann posted 2009.07.21 07:20
Keep hearing that US government bonds are potentially going to be downgraded...any opinions on this, please?
Rating: 19

Cosima F. Barone Cosima F. Barone posted 2009.11.04 13:10
INFERENTIAL FOCUS #162--Currencies Under G-20’s Spotlight. Europe could face resistance from the United States, and China, regarding its official call for a stronger greenback. Not yet a subscriber? Request your complimentary copy
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Anja Bischof Anja Bischof posted 2009.07.21 12:53
If you have an event or investor meeting to promote, post it right here where every visitor to the site can see it. Or contact me to arrange for a media partnerships and have your event posted here:
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Ruben Goldberg Ruben Goldberg posted 2009.07.20 19:50
Swiss minister Calmy-Rey meeting with Hillary Clinton to discuss IRS vs UBS case, I think UBS should just cut off US engagement, anybody has an opinion on this?
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shunnie green shunnie green posted 9 hours ago
We are Subahir Holdings International Investment Ltd, brokering an Investment of One Hundred and Eighty Million Dollars ($180M), from a pool of funds of over $800M.This portfolio is to be carried out outside of the (U.S.A) and (U.K)
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Federigo Ottaviano Federigo Ottaviano posted 15 hours ago
Our lender is a direct commercial lender and help borrowers who are unable to qualify for bank financing due to being self-employed, low credit scores, need to pay off tax liens, etc. Please, email:
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Federigo Ottaviano Federigo Ottaviano posted 15 hours ago
We work with individual investors and the company that provides merchant cash advance, asset based lending, lines of credit & hard money loans. For more info, visit us and see how we can help you. Please, email:
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Federigo Ottaviano Federigo Ottaviano posted 15 hours ago
We qualified in every aspect of finance & asset-based lending. We've ability to handle every aspect of our client financial needs & challenges include real estate funding & any other wide range of sectors that need loan. Email:
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guan david guan david posted 2018.03.21 04:42
We offer Business and personal Loans,Loans ranging from $5,000-$100,000,000.Our passion is helping the ones in need.We are based in the USA,but willing to loan outside,Interest Rates 3-10%.1 (916) 546-7029.
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