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Franco Rossi Franco Rossi posted 2009.07.14 09:38
Hello members of the bankers' network, this new feature called Facts & Rumors works in similar fashion like Twitter; but in addition your message can be seen in public and is indexed search engines.
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Nina Hoffmann Nina Hoffmann posted 2009.07.21 07:20
Keep hearing that US government bonds are potentially going to be downgraded...any opinions on this, please?
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Cosima F. Barone Cosima F. Barone posted 2009.11.04 13:10
INFERENTIAL FOCUS #162--Currencies Under G-20’s Spotlight. Europe could face resistance from the United States, and China, regarding its official call for a stronger greenback. Not yet a subscriber? Request your complimentary copy
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Anja Bischof Anja Bischof posted 2009.07.21 12:53
If you have an event or investor meeting to promote, post it right here where every visitor to the site can see it. Or contact me to arrange for a media partnerships and have your event posted here:
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Ruben Goldberg Ruben Goldberg posted 2009.07.20 19:50
Swiss minister Calmy-Rey meeting with Hillary Clinton to discuss IRS vs UBS case, I think UBS should just cut off US engagement, anybody has an opinion on this?
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Rose France Rose France posted 2016.03.20 11:42
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almutairi abdulrazaq almutairi abdulrazaq posted 2013.11.06 16:01
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Salman  Satti Salman Satti posted 2009.07.20 17:11
Standard Chartered to take over Middle East operations of RBS.
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guan david guan david posted 2016.06.12 01:19
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MASS Santos MASS Santos posted 2016.05.07 03:30
We are looking for BG for Tender Bond, Performance Bond and Advance Payment Bond, for European Companies for guarantees of Infrastural Projects on the Middle East Countries. Excellent relationship with the local banks
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Michael Weiner Michael Weiner posted 2015.08.04 14:27
Is anyone still using this website? It seems like all the posts are from several years ago.
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Michael Weiner Michael Weiner posted 2015.06.01 07:12
Is anyone using this site these days? It seems very few people are active. If you are active still, please consider inviting me to your network, if you feel it is appropriate.
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Linas Liubinskas Linas Liubinskas posted 2011.07.11 12:29
Hello. Some of you may have clients who own mining operations. I have clients looking to buy mines located in any part of the world and at any stage of development. Looking for gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead & iron mines. Let me know. Thanks.
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Mark Fisher Mark Fisher posted 2010.02.20 17:37
MADRID 28-30 April 2010 Hotel Melià Castilla for the VIIIth International CIFA Forum, Financial Bubbles and Regulatory Bubbles, role of the independent financial advisor see Speakers: Prof. William K. Black, Daniel Mitchell, Eliot Spitzer
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George Sands George Sands posted 2009.12.11 20:52
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Intermediacion Comercial Andaluza Ruz SL Intermediacion Comercial Andaluza Ruz SL posted 2009.10.29 08:31
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Steve Sills Steve Sills posted 2009.08.03 10:46
I am looking for direct investors for projects from Film funds to Hedge Funds to Real estate and many more contact me at
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Isabel Lanfred Isabel Lanfred posted 2009.07.19 16:13
Please join my discussion group on the bankers' network, your opinion and contribution is much appreciated.
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Anja Bischof Anja Bischof posted 2009.07.14 20:47
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Paul Thomas Paul Thomas posted 2019.11.16 22:12
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