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"Getting started"

Enrollment with privatebanking.com is an easy 4 steps process

Step 1

Check the database to see if your company is already listed; please proceed with step 2 if not listed. If your company is listed please click on the 'contact page’ link and then click on the 'activate listing' button on the left side of the screen and proceed with step 2.

Step 2

Complete your information (Data can also be updated at a later)

Step 3

Choose your service level

Step 4

Enter Credit Card information

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Please start with checking if your firm is already present in our database by performing a search.

You can also simply skip this step and let our database specialist take care of this.

If your firm is listed and the location is correct please click on "activate my listing" and follow the instructions. (If your company has more than one office make sure to activate the one location you wish to promote, if the branch you are looking for is not present please proceed with clicking on "new account". If you wish to activate several locations you will have the opportunity to do so from your control panel once your listing is created/activated)

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