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"Connecting Wealth"

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your interest in privatebanking.com

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with our solutions to your branding and business development needs.

"We generate quality leads and referrals"

Every relationship starts with a lead.

We know that acquisition and retaining of Private Banking and Wealth Management clientele is primarily based on referrals and personal relationship; however, every relationship begins with a lead and our site was designed with the aim to provide your firm with quality exposure and visibility needed to generate leads and increase market penetration.

We are proud of the fact that our subscribers have converted a great number of leads generated by our site into personal relationships. More than 500,000 users research our site every month (Our Traffic) and the fact that our traffic keeps growing underscores the need of today's affluent business owners and professionals to break away from traditional referral schemes to a more reliable and unbiased platform like privatebanking.com

"We build your brand and enhance your standing"

Brand equals reputation.

Brands or reputation are the most critical driver of economic performance. The contribution of a brand to revenue and/or shareholder value is often not fully recognized and is particularly valuable in the financial industry. Powerful brands in the Private Banking and Wealth Management industry deliver far more than just a service or merely an image; they deliver a consistent customer experience that clients and prospects associate to the brand.

Successful branding requires a high degree in consistency; just as drops of water wears away the stone so is building brand recognition. Privatebanking.com provides your brand with adequate visibility that combined with perseverance is the most effective recipe to achieve this goal.

"We put your business on the map"

Visibility is the keystone of success.

Get the attention your firm needs to succeed in this competitive market and promote your image and standing by benefiting from the exposure to millions of qualified prospects. Privatebanking.com is focused on Private Banking and Wealth Management and visitors to our site are for the greatest part mass affluent professionals and high net worth individuals who research and compare enterprises like yours.

"We offer clear-cut solutions that work"

We believe that nothing astonishes people so much as common sense and plain dealing.

Consequently, we provide our customers with simple and straightforward solutions and yet tailor made to best meet individual needs and budget. Our flat fee pricing model is particularly attractive as it gives you potentially unlimited upside for a fixed competitive rate.

For additional information please refer to our FAQ and Terms of Service or feel free to contact us at   ; a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

Start with getting exposure




Get the attention you always wanted and promote your corporate image and standing by benefiting from our state of the art interactive web presence.
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Ascent Limited
Experience The Difference. Ascent Limited provides first class wealth management and family office services. Our private banking team, assembled from a group of highly experienced banking professionals, will provide financial advice tailored to your individual requirements and keep your portfolio in tune with the latest market developments and opportunities.
    Ascent Limited
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