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Provider: youngStartup Ventures, New York, USA
Categories: General Finance | Investment Opportunities | Events & Conferences
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3 - Aug, 26 2020 Newsletter ID: 00998

Private Banking is pleased to announce its sponsorship and invite you to join us at Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3.0 Featuring a Dedicated Fintech Track

Special offer: Register Now & Save 20% off Early Bird Rates (Use discount code “PBVIP")

 * Call for Top Innovators Details below


Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3

Where Innovation Meets Capital

 November 17th -19th 2020



Come meet, interact and network online with more than 1,300 VCs, Corporate VCs, angel investors, industry execs and founders of venture backed, emerging and early stage Fintech companies at the prestigious Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3 being held virtually on November 17th-19th 2020, featuring a dedicated Fintech Track. 

Whether you’re a fintech startup seeking capital and exposure, or an investor seeking new deals, Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3.0 presented by youngStartup Ventures - is the event of the year you won't want to miss. 

A highly productive venture conference, Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3.0 is dedicated to showcasing VCs, Corporate VCs and angel investors committed to funding venture backed, emerging and early stage Fintech companies. 

Partial list of over 220 VCs and Angel Investors that spoke and judged at Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global

Coleman Adams, Partner, Clean Energy Venture Group | Nick Adams, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Differential Ventures | Randy Adler, Partner, Barton LLP | Uri Adoni, Managing Director, ManaTech | Susan Akbarpour, Partner, Candou Ventures | Grant Allen, General Partner, Schneider Electric Ventures | Robert Allen, Director, Evok Innovations | Logan Allin, General Partner, Fin Venture Capital | Milad Alucozai, Partner, Good AI Capital | Anjan Aralihalli, Venture Partner, CTI Life Sciences | Doug Atkin, Managing Partner, Communitas Capital Partners | Mark Austin, Managing Director, Viridian Capital Impact Advisors | Amolak Badesha, Investor, Sand Hill Angels | Dushan Batrovic, Managing Director, Antera | Jackie Bennett, Senior Associate, SJF Ventures | Tom Bennett, Early Stage Advisor, Arc Capital Investors | Reetika Bhardwaj, Associate, ARCH Venture Partners | Wade Bitaraf, Founder, Energy & Sustainability, Plug & Play Tech Center | Sim Blaustein, Partner, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments | Greg Bohlen, Managing Director, Union Grove Venture Partners | Tanya Boyko, Principal, ArcTern Ventures | Madi Bradley, Investment Associate, Healthy Ventures | Hilla Brenner, Managing Director, Techstars | Rene Buck, CEO, BCI Global | Pratik Budhdev, Investment Director, Volvo Group Venture Capital | Maria Buitron, Investor, Piva Venture Capital | Daniel Burstein, Managing Partner, Millennium Technology Value Partners | Patrick Cairns, Managing Partner, Union Grove Venture Partners | Joel Camacho, Vice President, New U Venture Partners | Peter Campitiello, Partner, McCarter & English, LLP | Graham Carey, Venture Investor, Emerald Technology Ventures | Adam Carson, Operating Partner, Point72 Ventures | Kathryn Cartini, Partner, Chloe Capital | Vincent Caruso, Associate, DBL Partners | André Chabaneix, Associate, Blue Bear Capital | Rima Chakrabarti, Principal, KdT Ventures | Anup Chamrajnagar, Investor, Point72 Ventures | Ray Chan, Managing Director, K5 Ventures | Jill Chapman, Senior Performance Consultant, Insperity | Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh, Cofounder & Managing Director, MEDA Angels | Nelson Chu, Managing Director, Kinetic Ventures | Andrew Clapp, Managing Partner, Arc Capital Investors | Conor Clifford, Investment Principal, E. ON | Alexandra Clunies-Ross, VC Analyst, Artesian | Dan Conley, Active Angel, NJ Angels | Jay Crone, Director, Investments, TELUS Ventures | Lake Dai, Partner, LDV Partners | Jan Danisman, Executive Director, Bavaria U.S Offices, East | Ross Darwin, Principal, Owl Ventures | Angelo Del Priore, Partner, HP Tech Ventures | Jun Deng, Investment Partner, Joyance Partners | Ajay Dharia, Principal, Med Tech Venture Partners | Robert Dickey, Investor, Edison Partners | James Dugan, CEO & Managing Partner, OCA Ventures | Robert Dunkle, Founder and CEO, ABES Venture Partners | Amy Dyck, Associate, Framework Venture Partners | Lindel Eakman, Partner, Foundry Group | Nick Efstratis, Managing Director, EPIC Ventures | Thomas Eggleston, Managing Director, Charmides Captial | Ameena El-Bibany, Principal, ARTIS Ventures | Gerald Evelyn, Managing Director, Artesian Venture Partners | Mark Farrell, Managing Director, Thayer Ventures | Marc Faucher, Managing Partner, ArcTern Ventures | Andrew Felbinger, Investor, Urban Innovation Fund | Randy Fisher, Strategic Marketing, Insperity | Constance Freedman, Managing Partner, Moderne Ventures | Isabelle Freidheim, Managing Partner, Starwood VC | Stan Fung, Managing Director, FarSight Ventures | Will Fung, Investor, Samsung Catalyst Fund | Carolin Funk, Investor, Blue Bear Capital | Aaron Fyke, Founder, Managing Partner, Thin Line Capital | Tarik Galijasevic, Managing Director, Allstate Strategic Ventures | Elena Gantvarg, Principal, Flint Capital | Alison Gerlach, Managing Partner, Breakthrough Ventures | Gary Gershony, Angel Investor, Life Science Angels | Norm Gitis, Managing Partner, Lymo Ventures | Jacqueline Goodman, Senior Analyst, SJF Ventures | Ajay Gopal, Principal, Framework Venture Partners | Chris Gottschalk, Senior Advisor, Santander InnoVentures | Beverley Gower-Jones, Managing Partner, Clean Growth Fund | Fabrice Grinda, Founder, FJ Labs | James Haft, CEO, PALcapital | Chris Hagenbuch, Special Counsel, Troutman Pepper | Robert Hamlin, Principal, Portag3 Ventures | James Trey Hart, Managing Director, 50 South Capital | Aleeza Hashmi, Associate, General Catalyst | Florian Haupt, Partner, TruVenturo | Yash Hemaraj, Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures | Thomas Henry, COO, CoFounder, Eunike Ventures | Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly, Venture Partner, Good Growth Capital | Matthew Howard, General Partner, Norwest Venture Partners | Charles Hughes, Partner, Barton LLP | Irit Israeli-Kahana, Managing Partner, AfterDox | Ben Jen, Investor, Ben Jen Holdings | Mads Jensen, Senior Analyst, ManchesterStory | Julia Kagan, Principal, JVP | James Kempf, Bay Area Deal Scout, E8 Angels | George Khalife, VP Capital Formation, Toronto Stock Exchange | Najib Khouri-Haddad, General Partner, Sway Ventures | Howard Ko, Principal, Morpheus Ventures | Ryan Kole, Partner, VCapital | Steven Konsek, Program Director, National Science Foundation | Hitesh Kothari, Partner, RSM US LLP | Elaine Kunda, Founder, Managing Director, Disruption Ventures | Ji Kwon, Principle, Samsung Ventures America | Sebastien Latapie, Senior Venture Associate, Dynamk Capital | Rachel Lauren, Analyst, BDMI | Randall LaVeau, Managing Partner, BOSS Capital Partners | Vicky Lay, Managing Director, Head of Impact Investing, Artesian Venture Partners | James Lee, Director, Photon Fund Venture Capital | Jennifer Lee, Principal, Edison Partners | Olivia Lew, Investor, General Catalyst | Jessica Li, Investor, Soma Capital | Judy Li, Vice President, Energy Foundry | James Lighton, Associate, Optum Ventures | Ephraim Lindenbaum, Managing Director, Advance Ventures | Darwin Ling, Founding General Partner, Good AI Capital | Steven London, Partner, Troutman Pepper | Edwin Loredo, Vice President, Core Innovation Capital | Josh Lumer, Investor, Allstate Strategic Ventures | Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner, Blockchain Founders Fund | Tai Mai, Investment Fellow, MEDA Angels | Radhika Malik, Investment Manager, Samsung Catalyst Fund | Wasim Malik, Managing Partner, Iaso Ventures | Eugene Malobrodsky, Venture Partner, One Way Ventures | Maria Maso, Independent Angel Investor, Portfolia | Andrew McClure, Principal, ForgePoint Capital | Crystal McKellar, Managing Partner, Anathem Ventures | David Meltzer, Co-Founder, David Meltzer Enterprises & Sports 1 Marketing | Theo Mendez, Investor, Insight Partners | Philip Mertens, Associate, DSM Venturing | Wouter Meuleman, Partner, Illumina Ventures | Eric Meyer, Vice President, Activate Capital | David Miller, Managing Director, Clean Energy Ventures | Robin Milshtein, External Ventures Manager, Saint-Gobain NOVA | Jonathan Mo, Investor, 11.2 Capital | Shayna Modarresi, Founder, Lodestar Ventures | Astorre Modena, Managing Partner, Terra Venture Partners | Herb Moore, Special Counsel, McCarter & English, LLP | Sarah Morgenstern, Principal, Flourish Ventures | Sri Muthu, CEO, Co-Founder, HealthVenture | Damineh Mycroft, Investing Director, Boeing HorizonX | Bala Nagarajan, Investment Director, Equinor Energy Ventures | Ben Nahir, Senior Venture Associate, Elevate Capital | Hamzah Nassif, Partner, Real Ventures | Sara Nayeem, MD Partner, NEA | Leah Nguyen, Director, TELUS Ventures | Will Nichols, Sr. Associate, FJ Labs | Ivan Nikkhoo, Managing Partner, Navigate Ventures | Brett Noyes, General Partner, UnVentures | Thomas Oehl, Founding Partner, Vsquared Ventures | Ade Omitowoju, Partner, 1863 Ventures | Karen Page, General Partner, B Capital Group | Kim Patel, Investor, Lerer Hippeau | Akhilesh Pathipati, Principal, MVM Partners | Charles Paul, Vice President - Technology, Henkel Tech Ventures | Blake Pennington, Senior Associate, Fusion Fund | Mark Perutz, Partner, DBL Partners | Damien Petty, Principal, Morpheus Ventures | Patrick Pfeffer, Director, Juniper Networks | Valerie Photos, Operating Partner, Iaso Ventures | Sherwin Pomerantz, CEO, Atid EDI Ltd. | Todd H. Poole, Associate Director, Pathfinder Ventures | Filipe Portela, Managing Partner, COREangels Atlantic | Era Qian, Principal Investment, Galaxy Digital | Krish Ramadurai, Senior Associate, Neue Fund | Aruna Ramsamy, Ventures Principal, OGCI Climate Investments | Derek Rapp, Managing Director, RiverVest Venture Partners | John Ricci, Managing Director, US Angels | Gus Roman, Healthcare Investor, Global Founders Capital | David S. Rose, Managing Partner, Rose Tech Ventures | Alex Rozenfeld, Managing Director, Climate Impact Capital | Praveen Sahay, Co-founder and Managing Director, WAVE Equity Partners | Gayatri Sarkar, Managing Partner, Hype Capital VC Fund | Nicolas Sauvage, President, TDK Ventures | Reese Schroeder, Investor, Allstate Strategic Ventures | Brian Schuman, Investment Professional, PepsiCo Technology Ventures | Xavier Segura, Managing Partner, Tessera Venture Partners | Kristina Serafim, Managing Director, Verizon Ventures | Danielle Shapira, Principal, Maverick VC | Shantnu Sharma, Vice President, AMD Ventures | Kurt Shenk, Senior Manager, RSM US LLP | Greg Shepard, Managing Partner, BOSS Capital Partners | Charles Sidman, Managing Partner, ECS Capital Partners | Sean Simpson, Director, WIND Ventures | Shounok Sinha, Principal, Venture Investing, Constellation Technology Ventures | Jean Sini, General Partner, Partech | Steve Socolof, Managing Partner, Tech Council Ventures | Mark A. Solovy, Managing Director, Monroe Capital | Vivek Soni, General Partner, S Cap Cleantech Fund | Peter Sopher, Senior Associate, Clean Energy Ventures | David Sorin, Partner, McCarter & English LLP | Jared Sorin, Associate, McCarter & English, LLP | Adarsh Sowcar, External Ventures Manager, Saint-Gobain NOVA | Kumar Sripadam, GP, Elevate Capital | Emelie Stark, Investor, Maersk Growth | Rajesh Swaminathan, Partner, Khosla Ventures | Jake Tauscher, Investor, G2VP | Jarrid Tingle, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Harlem Capital Partners | Andrea Turner Moffitt, Co-Founder and President, Plum Alley Investments | Chisom Uche, Sr. Investment Associate, SixThirty Ventures | Matt Uretsky, Partner, McCarter & English, LLP | Kat Utecht, Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital | Claude Vachet, Managing Partner, Cycle Capital Management | Grant Van Cleve, Managing Partner, Hangar 75 Ventures | Kutral Veerabadran, Principal, Flow Capital | Eze Vidra, Managing Partner, Remagine Ventures | Jordan Wahbeh, Managing Partner, SV Venture Group | Brian Walsh, Head, WIND Ventures | Patrick Walsh, Director, National Grid Partners | Randy Williams, Founder & CEO, Keiretsu Forum | Maximilian Winter, Founder, Neue Fund | Henry Wong, Managing Partner, Diamond Tech Ventures | Joanne Wong, General Partner, REDDS Capital | Mendy Yang, Investor, Soma Capital | Sung Hoon Yang, General Manager, Samsung Ventures America | Alberto Yepez, Managing Director, ForgePoint Capital | Stephanie Zepeda, Senior Associate, Arbor Ventures | Lia Zhang, Associate, Primary Venture Partners | Sebastian Zhou, Investor, Alpha Square Group | Simin Zhou, Managing Director, UL Ventures and many more... 

Special Offer:

Private Banking has made special arrangement for our network to receive a special discount of 20% off the existing “early bird" savings. This conference will be attended by the best people in the industry. Please register early to avoid disappointment. 

Register Today & Save Click here(Use promo code "PBVIP”) 

In addition to providing access to leading Investors, the conference will feature more than 100 pre-screened venture backed, emerging and early stage companies seeking capital, and hardcore networking.  


Get Noticed > Get Funded > Grow Faster 

A select group of more than 100 Top Innovators will be chosen to present their breakthrough investment opportunities to an exclusive audience of Venture Capitalists, Corporate Investors, Private Investors, Investment Bankers, and Strategic Partners. 

Apply to Present / Nominate a company:

For more information or to be considered for one of the Top Innovator slots click here

Seed Pitchfest:

If you are a seed stage company seeking angel funding of less than $1M (and have raised less than $300,000) click here to apply for the Seed stage track.


We look forward to seeing you there.

Private Banking & youngStartup Ventures

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