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Australian Financial Advisers
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Australian Financial Advisers

AFA was first established in 1986 with it's origins commencing in Darwin in the Northern Territory. Since then it has expanded to the east coast of Australia with offices in Brisbane and Sydney.
Our clients can be found in every state or territory in Australia. AFA plans to establish a presence wherever there is a need for its unique way of delivering financial advice.
It's very name alone stands for everything that makes us who we are. Our commitment to being the best in what we do is backed up by our motto, "more than just money*.
We are about helping people determine and realise their lifestyle goals through the creation of financial independence and security.
Our sense of pride and desire to achieve what we set out to do at the highest level is what makes us so successful. Our inspiration comes from our clients' with the satisfaction in knowing that we make a difference to their lives.


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