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Byers Accountancy Corporation
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Byers Accountancy Corporation

Byers Accountancy Corporation is a full-service certified public accounting (CPA) firm with a long-standing history of providing tax and accounting services to clients throughout the San Joaquin Valley.  Based on the needs of our clients and the extensive experience of our staff, we provide a wide range of services, including tax preparation, auditing, retirement planning, consulting, and tax and estate planning.

The size of our firm ensures individualized services to clients based on personal needs and industry demands.  In a challenging economy, we understand the importance of the “bottom line.”  Our streamlined procedures and office environment reflect our strong commitment to keeping costs to clients reasonable.

Our strength is our experience in the business sector; we have first-hand knowledge of private industry, which helps facilitate a realistic approach to yield desired results.  We strive to accomplish all facets of our business in a more economical fashion because of our understanding of the importance of efficiency, communication and integrity.

With a continued emphasis on quality of service, our goal is to give accurate, timely advice to clients to ensure their success in personal and business matters. By building client relationships over time, we work together to sustain your business, and ultimately, our community.

As a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), we have participated in a rigorous quality control program to ensure that our firm is in compliance with the professional standards mandated by the accounting profession.  Our most recent peer review was completed in 2010.

There is strength in numbers.  We believe that two heads are better than one.  That’s why we do more than just get the numbers right.  We work together to achieve more than compliance; we chart a course designed to meet our clients’ objectives.   The old adage that “the numbers tell the tale” attests to our ability to earn clients’ trust and deliver timely results.  How do you know we’ve got your number?  Here’s how.

We have visited farms and family businesses to close the books at month-end.

We have developed a new tax strategy to implement a more efficient way to save our client tax dollars.

We have represented clients in IRS tax audits that have resulted in successful outcomes saving clients thousands of dollars.

We have attended board meetings to suggest more efficient accounting procedures and ways to strengthen internal controls.

We have trained internal staff to administer tax credit programs at a lower fee than what is charged by third party consultants.

We have coordinated a step-by-step process with family and attorneys to finalize important estate matters after the death of a family member.

These real life scenarios prove there is strength in numbers.  We approach our clients’ problems with the same sense of urgency as if they were our own.  We are conscientious in our efforts to deliver value to our clients. We understand that the benefits of our services must outweigh the costs.
Member:  AICPA


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