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Trust Navigator

Trust Navigator offers individual and institutional clients diversified portfolio management strategies and provides them access to the most elite portfolio managers in the world. Each account is individually managed to meet the client’s risk parameters and long term goals.

Trust Navigator offers a dedicated team of industry professionals, for individuals and entrepreneurs enabling them to realize investment and/or life goals. As a trusted advisor we focus on establishing concurrent personal and corporate strategies, instituting efficiencies and processes, and monitoring progress towards quantifiable objectives. Transitions and resources necessary for growth are enhanced by recognizing the synergies of tax, financial and wealth management issues for individuals, retirement accounts and 401(k)s.
Trust Navigator has the resources and processes to assist clients in reaching their strategic and financial goals teaming with other advocate professionals to apply the best practices of their fields. Standards are benchmarked to peer groups to represent the top quartile of services offered in the comparable applications with a dedication to meeting the highest quality expectations of each client.
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What We Offer

Trust Navigator has developed an objective formula to ensure that the service providers and portfolio managers with whom we work are among the leaders in their field of expertise. We choose these professionals through an unbiased research process refined by years of experience in identifying and understanding the disciplines that make them unique in their practice. Our flexible approach of working with multiple vendors compliments our service by introducing the expertise of partners who bring other value-added services. We offer wrapped fee arrangements providing full-fee disclosure and documented measurement systems, both online and via regular written and personal updates.

Trust Navigator believes that building wealth is a long-term goal, best achieved through proactive due diligence, documented strategies, risk diversification, performance measurement, tax management, and value-added partnerships. We make information accessible to investors and empower them with good research and benchmarking to ensure their portfolios and other assets perform at peak levels. Our partnerships with independent custodians and recognized leaders in complimentary advisory roles give our customers an engaging support structure, with trusted mentors and advocates who help them reach measurable objectives. Our portfolio managers outperform in 15 different investment styles allowing for diversification of investment risk and objective assessment of progress towards specific goals.


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