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Delray Beach
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Daniel Devine & Company
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Daniel Devine & Company

Daniel Devine & Company provides discretionary and advisory investment management services. Daniel Devine & Company is registered as an Investment Advisor with the Securities & Exchange Commission. However, registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training. Daniel Devine & Company is an independent investment management company owned by its Employee - Directors
Daniel Devine & Company offers its clients investment management expertise with services tailored to their individual investment goals. At a minimum, clients receive quarterly portfolio reports and are encouraged to attend semi-annual meetings with Portfolio Managers to discuss their portfolio. Daniel Devine & Company provides discretionary and advisory investment management services to high net worth individuals, trusts, endowments and corporate entities. Our client base is international.
Daniel Devine & Company never takes custody of client funds or securities. Nor do we initiate cash or securities transfers into or from the clients' custody account. All client funds/securities are held in a bank account and/or brokerage account of the clients' choosing. The Portfolio Managers only initiate securities transactions. The settlements of these transactions and the collection of any interest or dividends from portfolio investments are the responsibility of the custodian bank or broker. We watch over the client's assets, initiate securities transactions and reconcile accounts for expected dividends, interest and transactions cash flow. We believe that separation of powers between portfolio manager and custodian provides a client with an important safeguard where two independent parties report separately to the client.
History:  Established as of June 3, 2004


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