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American Mortgage Capital Group LLC (AMCG)
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American Mortgage Capital Group LLC (AMCG)

American Mortgage Capital Group LLC (AMCG) is an active investor in mortgage loans and related financial assets. We specialize in providing creative, mutually beneficial solutions to sellers of distressed and hard-to-place mortgage loans. AMCG’s staff consists of seasoned professionals with experience in all sectors of the mortgage industry: loan and security portfolio management, lending,
servicing and servicing rights, capital markets, and the secondary mortgage market for whole loans. Our staff’s extensive industry experience allows us to create liquidity for loan sellers through innovative, strategic portfolio acquisitions structured in mutually beneficial terms. AMCG is committed to seamless execution of acquisitions from bid through due diligence, closing, and servicing transfer. AMCG invests on a national basis through its investment vehicle, American Mortgage Investment Partners LLC.


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