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Mullaney Keating & Wright, Inc.
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Mullaney Keating & Wright, Inc.

We are a knowledgeable and experienced team of investment experts, known for our integrity and genuine interest in the well-being of our clients. We are true advisors, guiding our clients in the direction of solutions that they need, rather than acting as conduits to purchase investment products that they might think they want.
As fee-only professionals, we do not accept any commissions, referral fees or other compensation. Thus, we have no reason to favor any investment product. Because our only source of income is fees paid to us by our clients for services that we provide, we bring objectivity and discipline to the investment process. Providing our clients with superior investment portfolios that are constructed based on solid empirical evidence and tailored to their specific needs is the sole focus of our efforts.
Our clients tell us they appreciate the way we:
Focus on what is best for them.
Implement thoughtful solutions for their specific needs.
Minimize the risks taken to pursue their goals.
Consistently deliver responsive personal service.

Growing at a controlled, sustainable pace from a one-man startup into a vibrant partnership with clients nationwide, Mullaney, Keating & Wright has been delivering expert, fee-only financial services for nearly 15 years.
In 1994, Tom Mullaney founded Mullaney & Associates after leaving Shawmut Bank to follow his dream of being an independent investment advisor. Success soon brought Fred Keating and then Forrest Wright to the firm and it took on its current name.
In 1996 client assets surpassed the significant $25 million mark and the firm joined the more exclusive ranks of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registered Investment Advisors. The next year client assets doubled, surpassing the $50 million mark.
In 1998 Tony Lynch joined the firm. Client assets doubled again, surpassing $100 million and the firm became one of the larger investment management firms in the Hartford area.
The firm suffered an unexpected blow when Fred Keating passed away in 2002, but transitioned smoothly with the addition of Fran Carpentier in 2003.
In 2004, client assets doubled again, crossing the $200 million mark. Forrest Wright retired.
Today, with nearly 200 clients and $250 million in client assets, Mullaney, Keating & Wright enjoys a well-earned position among the finest investment firms in New England.


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