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Transport Finance
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Transport Finance

Your business is unique and requires an individual finance solution. That's why we offer a wider range of financial products and can expertly match the right facility to your business, your needs and your future. Better still, having assessed your requirements, we can also put in place additional pre-approved facilities in order for you to be able to put any future equipment to work immediately.
Transport Finance provides finance for a variety of purposes.
Below is a list of recent finances provided.
• Cars, Trucks, Boats
• Trailers, Forklifts
• Taxi and Taxi conversions
• Cranes, Excavators
• Pallet racking systems
• Refrigeration equipment
• Office/restaurant/shop fit outs
• Engineering equipment
• Machine lathes
• Shipping containers
• Rail rolling stock
• Signage for shopping centres
• Airplanes, Helicopters
• Bulldozers, Bob cats
• Skid steers     • Augers, Hay balers
• Agricultural equipment
• Jet ski’s, Horse Floats
• High definition camera
• Waste management bins
• Crushing plants
• Confectionery making machines
• Sausage making machines
• Bar code reading machines
• Commercial kitchen equipment
• Mulch blowers for the landscape industry
• Video equipment, Computer systems
• Mining equipment, Cool rooms
• GPS tracking systems

Commercial Hire Purchase
Often utilised by large fleet operators and businesses, a commercial hire purchase arrangement allows you to amortise the cost of the goods or equipment over a period that suits your circumstances.

Chattel Mortgage
Similar to Commercial Hire Purchase, a chattel mortgage can be individually structured and tends to be utilised by smaller businesses as it may enable you to receive an Input Tax Credit for the GST amount included in the purchase price.

Operating lease
This facility sees your business rent rather than buy the equipment, so that it is not shown as an asset on the balance sheet. An operating lease also mitigates the risk of trying to re-sell the equipment at the end of the finance term, as you simply hand the goods back to the financier.

Novated lease
A Novated lease enables an employee to purchase a vehicle for personal or business use, by salary sacrificing the repayments from their pre-tax income. It may also benefit the employer in relation to Fringe Benefits Tax.
Insurance Premium Funding
Whether for WorkCover, public liability, general or building insurance, Insurance Premium Funding helps control your cashflow by spreading the cost of your insurance over 6 to 12 months.

Acquisition funding
If you're expanding your business through acquisition, we can assist with finance facilities against the assets and goodwill of the business you're acquiring.
We'll handle the funding process from start to finish including arranging valuations, asset inspections and negotiating goodwill funding.

Debt restructuring
Your business banking facilities should be regularly reviewed so they serve your current circumstances. We can look at ways to restructure your existing bank facilities to release personal property from the security held by the bank, free up working capital and cashflow, and provide a sound debt platform to assist with future growth.

Commercial property loans
Commercial property loans can provide you with a way to stop paying rent and purchase an asset for the future, so if it's funding for commercial or industrial property for your business or as an investment, we can help there too.


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