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Peregrine Ventures
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Peregrine Ventures

Peregrine Ventures, Israel's leading venture capital fund for early stage investments, is focused on investing in promising early stage High-tech companies with a strong emphasis in Life Sciences, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Collaborating with entrepreneurs, Peregrine, together with Incentive - Peregrine's Technological Incubator, has earned a solid reputation for cultivating innovative technologies into lucrative companies with significant global presence. Our dedication to identifying, funding, partnering and working closely with entrepreneurs, has yielded and continues to yield outstanding results.

Comprised of seasoned veterans and entrepreneurs from leading technological companies, our team is highly experienced, well networked, and possess credentials which encompass technical know-how, operational and marketing experience, and strategic proficiency. At every stage of the business growth, our qualified team members support the fund's array of promising portfolio companies by providing them with valuable input into strategy-building, networking, strategic alliances, recruiting, marketing and financing.

This hands-on approach, combined with access to Peregrine's extensive global network, presents Peregrine portfolio companies with unparalleled opportunities for development and global success.

For investors, Peregrine Ventures is the perfect investment partner. Peregrine seeks opportunities before they are sufficiently mature for ordinary venture investors. Our expertise lies in the know-how of handling such early-stage companies and leveraging government financial assistance at preferred levels. At present, this model is unique in the Israeli investment market.

Peregrine has an International reputation and, as a result, is in constant consultation with major Multi-Nationals to obtain an in-depth understanding of their customers' needs and trends, thus enabling Peregrine to pin-point which start-ups are more likely to succeed and appeal to a global market.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking capital, or an investor seeking positive investment opportunities, Peregrine Ventures is your ideal partner for early stage investments.


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