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GLS Wealth Management
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GLS Wealth Management

GLS Wealth Management are Independent Financial Planners and have given impartial, trusted and expert advice for more than 50 years.

We offer full independent advice to both individuals and businesses. Our aims are to provide guidance and support in all areas of your financial affairs with particular emphasis upon:

Development of short, medium and long term financial plans

Creation, management and maintenance of wealth

Building and management of investment portfolios on an advisory basis

A lifetime Pension planning and management service

We aim to build a good relationship with each of our clients, where we know them and where they know us and trust our approach.  This section therefore sets out to give you information about us - our firm, our advisers, our fee basis, terms of business - whatever you want to know about us.

Our ethos is founded on:

Putting the client's financial interests first.  This is our principle philosophy and is borne out of many years' experience working in a professional practice environment.

Independent professional standards.  All our Financial Planners are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are members of the Personal Finance Society (PFS).  As members of the PFS we adhere to its Code of Ethics and Conduct.  The majority of our Planners are qualified beyond the minimum required by the FCA.

A transparent fee-based approach to charges.  We distinguish between giving financial advice and  effecting  investment transactions. Having received financial advice from us, clients are under no obligation to effect any transactions.  Our fees take account of the time spent, or likely to be spent, in carrying out the work, the complexity of the work, the skills of the person doing it, and our liabilities and regulatory obligations in respect of the work.


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