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Hamlyn Financial Services Limited
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Hamlyn Financial Services Limited

How Our Services Work

We need to get to know you and your personal financial circumstances, including your aims and aspirations. At the initial meeting, we will gather relevant information which will serve to form the basis of any subsequent advice given. During this stage we will also provide you with an explanation of our status under the Financial Service Act, and the responsibilities we hold as independent advisers.

Research and Report From the initial meeting we will undertake technical research on your behalf, using our experience within the financial industry to attain the best solutions for your needs. Our findings and recommendations will then be presented to you in writing, along with a Key Features guide to the product recommended and our reasons for this selection.

Continuing Support

We will keep in regular contact at intervals agreed with you. We may then agree any changes to your lifestyle or legislation that may subsequently implicate a need for alterations being made to your portfolio.

We will act for you, your family or your estate in the event of a claim.

Hamlyn was established at the start of the Millenium by Stephen Grass to offer Independent Financial Advice. Since that time the company has gone from strength to strength, whilst still retaining its personal service.


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