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ASK Capital Management Pte. Ltd. (ASKCM)
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ASK Capital Management Pte. Ltd. (ASKCM)

We at ASK Capital Management (ASKCM) understand the care, trust and avenues needed to build and maintain wealth. An entity based out of Singapore and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore via a Capital Markets Services License for accredited investors, ASKCM is focused on India centric investments. We cater to managing and advising our institutional and family office clients, helping them build wealth that can transform into a legacy. Drawing upon the extensive background, skills and track record of the ASK Group, developed since 1983, along with our in house team in Singapore, we have funds under management/advice covering Indian Equities, Real estate and Private equity

About Us

A legacy is not built overnight, it is built through extensive, precise planning and maintenance of wealth over years. We at ASK Capital Management (ASKCM) understand the importance and fundamentals that go into building wealth into an everlasting legacy. Over the years we have drawn upon the extensive background, skills and track record of the ASK Group, developed since 1983 to help build and conserve the heritage and lineage of prominent organizations. We have funds under management/advice of approximately USD 3.5 Billion covering Indian Equities, Real estate, Private equity and Wealth advisory.

At ASKCM, we concentrate on India-focused funds domiciled in Singapore and work closely with other ASK Group subsidiaries and affiliates to seek out attractive risk-adjusted investment returns for international institutional investors including family offices. In 2016 we announced a final close on ASK Group's fourth Real Estate Fund and first Singapore domiciled vehicle bringing the ASK group's Real Estate FUM to over USD600mn.

ASK Investment Managers has pioneered Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in India and we are amongst the first entities to have acquired a PMS license from the Indian regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), back in 2001. In 2016 ASKCM received a full Capital Markes Services License for Acredited Investors from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Our focus on regulatory compliance goes hand in hand with our focus on transparency and ongoing performance for our investors.

We at ASKCM understand the importance of wealth management. We know it means a lot more than monetary wealth. It is the overwhelming assurance of the future. With an aim to help companies build, preserve and grow, we at ASKCM are driven to provide avenues, build a relationship based on trust to become your capital management, legacy building partner.


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