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C.W. Downer & Co
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C.W. Downer & Co

C.W. Downer & Co. is an independent global investment bank offering clients a high level of personal attention coupled with more than 30 years of international execution experience. We provide insight, not just information. We generate value, not just transactions. We consistently identify the most appropriate buyers and uncover "hidden" acquisition targets worldwide. C.W. Downer & Co. combines the global reach of a bulge-bracket investment bank with the personal touch of a boutique.

C.W. Downer & Co. is built upon a solid research platform that carefully identifies and thoroughly details all potential buyers or acquisition targets. We reach further because the right opportunities are often overlooked or unrecognized by more traditional practices.

We scour the globe to provide our clients with the most complete information for executing their divestiture or acquisition programs. We begin by identifying, researching, and contacting every possible prospect from the bottom up. Searching beyond the surface maximizes value while adhering to our clients' strategic goals. We reveal the most appropriate buyers and identify companies that can be acquired.

Our exhaustive research is purposefully reinforced by personal contact with each prospect that gauges their position and appetite for negotiations. We are skilled communicators with a fully-integrated, global team structure that yields significant local market knowledge and insight into the subtle, cultural nuances that ultimately affect negotiations.

We are proud to offer our clients the personal, senior-level attention typically found in boutiques together with the broad, global execution capabilities found only in larger bulge-bracket banks.


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