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Amicorp New Zealand Ltd.

Enjoying the favourable consideration as a non-tax haven / non-black listed jurisdiction, structures involving New Zealand often provide the top elements to a client's corporate group of international holding structures. New Zealand 'Foreign' Trusts are a secure and effective estate planning structure for clients located anywhere in the world. Based upon certain territoriality principles, New Zealand 'Foreign' Trusts have become increasingly used as an alternative for trusts in zero-tax jurisdictions. Properly planned, New Zealand 'Foreign' Trusts can provide exceptional tax efficiency and be easily combined with other investment structures in high-tax jurisdictions.

New Zealand Foreign Trust

The New Zealand foreign trust is an effective estate planning vehicle increasingly used as an alternative to trusts from zero tax jurisdictions as New Zealand is considered a high tax jurisdiction and a white list country. If properly established, it offers excellent tax efficiency and can be easily combined with other investment structures in high tax jurisdictions. Amicorp New Zealand offers both trust formation and trust administration services.

New Zealand Private Trustee Company

The New Zealand private trustee company can act as a trustee of a foreign trust when clients prefer not to engage the services of a professional trustee company, such as Amicorp, or if there are complex assets to manage. A private trustee company is limited liability company established in New Zealand but its rules limited its business to acting as a trustee only.

New Zealand Limited Partnership

The New Zealand limited partnership (NZLP) is a popular investment vehicle that presents interesting opportunities with non-resident partners since it is fiscally transparent. It requires two partners (general partner and limited partner) and neither partner needs to be a New Zealand resident. Only the general partner’s details are available on the public register. Financial statements must be prepared but they do not need to be filed or audited, unless the NZLP is considered an “issuer” under the Financial Reporting Act 1993, and annual income tax returns are required.

New Zealand Look-through Company

The Look-through Company (LTC) is a new addition to the New Zealand domestic and foreign investment vehicles. The LTC is a regular limited liability company established under the New Zealand Companies Act 1993 and is a separate legal entity. Like the NZLP it is also fiscally transparent, but only for tax purposes. The LTC must have at least one director, being a natural person and this person can be resident out of New Zealand. The LTC must have one shareholder and must also have only five or fewer “look through counted owners”.

For more information about New Zealand‘s range of products, please see the specialized “Amicorp Trusts and Estate Planning” and “Partnering Services For New Zealand Trust and Company Management” brochures.

Languages spoken: English and Spanish


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