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Cone Marshall Ltd.
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Cone Marshall Ltd.

Cone Marshall Ltd. offers expertise in international tax planning, specializing in New Zealand offshore trusts.

The objective of Cone Marshall Ltd. is to develop New Zealand as a respected and compliant international wealth planning jurisdiction.

Cone Marshall Ltd. is a member of the New Zealand Law Society. Its principals hold current New Zealand Law Society practicing certificates, and are admitted to the New Zealand High Court. It instructs barristers for legal opinions, and represents its clients’ interests throughout the New Zealand Courts.

Cone Marshall Ltd. has strong professional relationships throughout the world, including law firms in London, New York, Miami, Zurich, Hong Kong, San Jose, Buenos Aires, and San Paulo.

Although New Zealand is not a tax haven, it is possible to establish New Zealand resident trusts which are exempt from New Zealand tax.

The key to the taxation of New Zealand trusts is the residence of the settlor rather than the residence of the trustees. The taxation of foreign settlor trusts with New Zealand trustees is codified in its taxation of trusts regime, and its trusts legislation.

In the typical case of a settlor gifting (non-New Zealand) assets into a New Zealand trust for the benefit of non-New Zealand beneficiaries the principal tax exemptions are as follows:

   * Income Tax:
     None – provided there is no New Zealand source income.
   * Capital Gains Tax:
     There is no capital gains tax in New Zealand.
   * Inheritance or Succession Taxes:
     There are no inheritance taxes or succession taxes in New Zealand.

New Zealand enjoys the following features for international wealth planning purposes:

   * A member of the OECD group of countries
   * A normal tax paying jurisdiction
   * A party to numerous Double Taxation Treaties
   * A recognized trust law jurisdiction

What we do

   * Trustee Relationship
   * Nature of an Exempt Trust
   * International Aspects and Double Tax Agreement
   * New Zealand Trust Structure
   * New Zealand Tax Position
   * Private Trustee Companies (PTC)
   * New Zealand Limited Partnerships (LP)
   * Confidentiality and Reporting Requirements


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