Why Is Financial Accounting Important?

Businesses use stocks as a means of representing ownership, and when considering investing in individual stocks, it is vital to analyse the background of the company in addition to how they operate before moving forward. At the very core of many businesses is a robust accounting or bookkeeping strategy which provides a variety of key functions to operate. Fortunately, you’ll likely have some familiarity with some of these practices. Read on as we delve deeper into what accounting means for stock investors.

Why Is Financial Accounting Important

Net income is measured as income minus expenses

At the very base of bookkeeping is a straightforward concept that is measured by subtracting your expenses from your income (what you bring home) to work out your net income (sometimes referred to as your gain or net profit).

The main reason people choose to invest in the stock of a business comes down to the company’s profitability. In other words, the business will be worth more as its profits rise, and as a result, there’ll be more value-added to the price of its stocks. The net income of a business is visible from its income statement, and a stock investor might determine whether a business appropriately utilizes gains by paying down debt or continuing growth via reinvestment.

Net worth is measured as assets minus liabilities

Another concept of bookkeeping involves measuring the net worth of a business, which is simplified as subtracting what you owe from your available assets. Whether you’re a stock investor or an accountant, you can use the above method for your personal finances, even when you compare the method to a large company like Microsoft (except yours might have fewer zeros added to the result!).

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Net worth is often displayed on a company balance sheet for a specific time period, and net worth is usually the baseline for the overall picture of a business’s assets and liabilities to determine whether they are solvent. Successful companies will see their net worth grow year on year.

In bookkeeping, you might determine how positive the net worth of a business is by comparing net worth to the same period for the previous year if it’s gone up, you know they’re doing well.

Financial analysis is on the cards

Before investing in a company, you’ll want to be sure they’re not likely to go under, which you can do by comparing this current period to the state of the business a year ago.

Let’s suppose the company you’re considering had a net income of $100,000 a year ago, sure that’s great, but you need to compare with something else. Say the company had a net income of $50,000 the previous year, you know they’re in a good place. But suppose a similar company made $200,000 the previous year but made half of that the following year, you may want to see what went wrong or avoid the company with the lesser profit altogether.

Bookkeeping an account can be straightforward if you can get to grips with the three concepts we’ve talked about above, and you’ll be ahead of the game with stock investment as well as your own finances if you take them on board.

Researching stocks is also important thing.

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