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Current Market Crisis and Tranen Capital

The global market place has been shaken badly over the last several weeks, starting with the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, and including the forced unwinding of leveraged positions in the credit markets. This has caused many large and trusted institutions to fail: Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. AIG, a major player in the life insurance industry, was also affected by the massive write downs in the credit markets, principally due to its business of providing insurance against credit defaults of other entities. However, its life insurance division of AIG has not been affected at all by these … Continue Reading

Tranen Capital – Investing in the Life Markets Space

Tranen Capital’s Investment strategy is oriented to the concept of the Secondary Market of Life Insurance or what is commonly known as the Life Settlement Industry.

A Life Settlement is the transfer of the beneficial interest (the death benefit) of a life insurance policy by the holder of the policy to … Continue Reading

Virtual Financial Services Conference 2009

Virtual Financial Services Conference 2010

Join us Thursday, September 24th, and hear from our keynote speakers, Ian Hurst and Kathleen Khirallah how visibility into key data is enabling Banks and Financial … Continue Reading

Japan: World Class Real Estate Opportunities

We are “Asterisk Realty”, Tokyo’s premier boutique real estate brokerage firm servicing international investors.

We will participate in Expo Real 2009 in Munich, Germany. (Oct. 5th to Oct. 7th)
We will be pleased to meet and discuss with you there , if you will participate in Expo Real 2009
and we will have road shows for our north american clients in New York, USA in September 2009.
Please contact us, if we have any chance to introduce you our world class japanese real estate market and deals during Sep.16th to Sep.22nd.

-Selected Properties-

*Commercial Properties:

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