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Financial Centres: Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay.It is headquarters to most Uruguayan banks and other financial institutions, plus has the Montevideo Stock Exchange (with the Top 150 Index).  Similarly, the city and its region has most of the industries in Uruguay, including Heavy manufacturing as well as High-tech.  Some workers are attracted to Uruguay, mostly from lower-income countries in South America.Uruguay, including Montevideo, is also a major offshore financial centre, owing to greater financial and political stability in Uruguay than anywhere else on the continent except Argentina, plus more honest financial dealings than even Argentina … Continue Reading

Financial Centres: Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main is the most international city situated in Germany, the biggest financial centre on the continent, the historical city of coronations, the city of Goethe and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The  financial centre of Frankfurt is crucially important for the economic strength of the state, for preserving and generating new and superior qualified jobs, for the quality of the city and generally for ensuring the entire region’s ability to survive into the Future.

Frankfurt is the financial centre of Europe’s largest economy. It is home to most of the players in the financial sector, such … Continue Reading

Hedge Fund Styles and Strategies, 11 December 2008, London


To give a reasonable knowledge of the types and varieties of Hedge Funds and the measures of assessing them. A basic knowledge of Hedge Funds is assumed: eg from our Hedge Funds Overview course.


*      Fund Managers and Fund Administration staff
*      Staff who recently joined a Hedge Fund and have little idea as to their employer’s operations
*      Marketing Managers and IFAs
*      Private Bankers, Wealth Managers and Family Office executives
*      Custodians and Depositaries
*      Prime Brokers and Lending Institutions eg Pension Funds
*      Lawyers and Accountants (CPD credit)
*      Compliance Officers, HR and IT Executives working in or with Hedge Funds


- Long-Short Equity
-Mechanics of Short … Continue Reading

Sal. Oppenheim: Private Asset Management

Preserving assets over the generations, in good times as well as bad, is an art which Sal. Oppenheim has mastered thanks to its 200-year tradition. We have learned what it means to adapt to new situations time and again and to remain flexible, while always maintaining the aim of safeguarding our independence on a long-term basis.

As a result of Sal. Oppenheim wealth gained through experience over many years, they have developed a good understanding of the challenges … Continue Reading

Sal. Oppenheim Real Estate publishes Real Estate Investment Survey 2008

According to the results of a survey conducted by Sal. Oppenheim Real Estate1 and 4IP Management Ltd., indirect real estate investments are already held by 89% of Swiss pension funds and 60% of Swiss insurance companies. Even though on average 93% of insurance company real estate assets and 72% of pension fund real estate assets are held directly, a clear trend toward indirect investments was confirmed. The current crisis in the financial markets has not made investment decisions easier; the allocation and investment behaviours revealed in the survey, however, demon-strate that Swiss institutional investors continue to believe in the real … Continue Reading

Personal financial advisers: LDB and partners

Objective advice, tailor-made strategies.

At LDB & Partners, evaluating your assets begins with an objective assessment undertaken with your interests in mind.

When devising your portfolio, we do not restrict you to a limited range of products and services, nor are you at the mercy of standardised investment profile policies. We diversify your portfolio, choosing solutions that are best suited to your objectives and limitations, thus creating a truly custom-made investment strategy. You collaborate directly with the partners at LDB & Partners, who share the same fundamental business and financial values that you cherish.

Your dedicated wealth management partner takes time to … Continue Reading

Private banking with Kaiser Ritter Partner Privatbank

Before making any decisions as to your future wealth management strategy, it is important to make an overall assessment of the adequacy of your existing approach to the management of your family’s wealth.

Is the overall allocation of your portfolio in alignment with your values? Does your current wealth management strategy correspond with your future risk/return expectations? Does it meet your need for both security and liquidity? Are the legal structures both internationally compliant and tax-optimized? Will your current wealth management strategy meet your desire to secure the next generation?

We start a dialogue with you … Continue Reading

Bonds & Fixed Income Markets, 9 December 2008 London


To provide a comprehensive overview of the major bond and fixed income markets, their instruments and their workings.


· … Continue Reading

Financial Centres: Tokyo

Tokyo, formally Tokyo Metropolis ,is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan.Tokyo is one of the three world finance “command centres”, along with New York City and London. Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world.

A major economic power,Japan has the world’s second largest economy by nominal GDP. It is a member of the United Nations, G8, G4, OECD and APEC, with the world’s fifth largest defense budget. It is also the world’s fourth largest exporter and sixth largest importer and a world leader in technology and machinery.
Japan’s economy is characterized by Low overall taxation … Continue Reading

Financial Centres: Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and capital of the canton of Zürich. The city is Switzerland’s main commercial and cultural centre (the political capital of Switzerland being Bern), and is widely considered to be one of the world’s global cities.

Zurich, as a financial centre, has a High significance in terms of employment and real net output compared with the financial centers of New York, London, Frankfurt and Paris for their regions. The outstanding importance of the city as a financial centre gives a considerable boost to Zurich’s economy as a whole. Public finances also benefit … Continue Reading