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Top 4 strategies to grow a small investing account

Top 4 strategies to grow a small investing account

Investors who start out with a relatively small account balance tend to be discouraged by how difficult it seems to grow such a small amount into hundreds of thousands of dollars by investing in the stock market.

If you have felt this way, there are strategies you could implement to quickly grow your portfolio’s value. These strategies are considered high-risk/high-reward approaches to investing but the payout could be quite sizable if you play your cards right.

#1 – Pick a low-cost broker

The first step to build up … Continue Reading

SMM (creating your own publics in social networks and monetization)

There are never many publics, so why not try to create your own? Now any social network is a money-maker and anyone who knows how to profit from social networks can become successful and rich.

Now more and more young people are working and creating their own sub-publics while studying in college. Some even earn, for example, with the help of publishers for students who are willing to pay for essay or homework. This is very convenient for the rest of us and helps you develop your skills in this field. You’ve … Continue Reading