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Eden Wealth Management

Through our accounting practice Eden Wealth Accountants, Eden takes the hassle and complication out of tax time with personalised and quality assured service.

We help you obtain the maximum refund available and proactively work with business owners and self funded retirees to reduce tax payable.

We complete tax returns for professionals, investors, self funded retirees, business and trades people.

Our clients leverage our personal insight into their financial affairs, plus our accumulated experience and knowledge in tax for their benefit – it’s simple.

We will help you:
With simple to use tax checklists to assist in preparing your returns.
Look at smarter ways for you to save tax.
Prepare for the next year to take advantage of any benefits.
With year-round tax guidance on request.
Keep up-to-date with our SMS Tax reminder service.

Your tax returns will be promptly completed so you can get your refund sooner and better plan any changes for the coming financial year.

Visit the How to use our Tax Service page on the Eden Wealth Accountant’s website for all the information you need to engage Eden for the preparation and lodgment of your return.


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