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Private Banking FAQ
Private Banking FAQ
What is privatebanking.com?
Privatebanking.com is a specialty search engine and global guide to Private Banking and Wealth Management. The portal offers comprehensive information on all aspects of personal banking, banks, financial operators and institutions. Our aim is to facilitate the search for banking services, financial products and investment opportunities.
Whom is the private banking portal aimed at?
Our service is aimed at the broader banking, investment and wealth management industry. However, any individual or company that operates or caters to the private banking industry can subscribe to the service.
Why is it an advantage to being listed on the Private Banking portal versus broad search engines?
It is important to be listed in as many search engines as possible; however, the vast majority of financial service providers are hard to find on generic search engines due to the immense number of matches terms such as "private banking", "wealth managers" or "online banking" produce. Searches using the exact company name as keyword will limit development and acquisition to clients that already know you.
A listing on the Private Banking portal will focus your marketing efforts towards new targeted audiences. It will help you build a recognizable brand and increase your business' standing.
What are the benefits of listing with privatebanking.com?
In addition of being a branding and traffic channeling tool, subscribers to the site benefit from various services and promotional tools. Here is a list of some of the benefits

  • Inclusion in the world's largest private banking and wealth management web directory.
  • Reach a large number of users seeking financial products and services.
  • Drive quality traffic to your website and dramatically increase exposure.
  • Helps you acquire and retain more clients at a predictable low cost.
  • You can visually convey the feel and philosophy of your business.
  • You can update almost all aspect of your advertisement areas.
  • Target advertisement to specific markets of interest.
  • Unlimited spam filtered communication channel with prospecting customers.
  • Priority lists designed to help direct more inquirers to subscriber's accounts
  • Location bundling (important for companies whose offices are outside but in proximity of major centers)
  • Subscribers can submit and publish newsletters in the newsletter section widening their circle of readers beyond the current clientele base.
  • Acquire and retain more clients
Can I customize my listing?
Yes, subscribers of "Super Elite" and "Elite" level have access to a control panel that manages all aspects of their advertisement space on privatebanking.com.

Some of the features include:

  • Update contact details such as phone, email, website URL etc. (This option is available also to "Basic" service level.)
  • Link any keywords to the listing (affects all data even your HTML uploads )
  • Add descriptions, slogans, and other information to the listing.
  • Edit, update and publish custom-made HTML mini presentations to the listing.
  • Choose edit and publish pre made HTML mini presentations from a number of professionally made templates.
  • Update and publish logo files
  • Upload brochures in PDF; PPS or DOC format.
  • Add multiple locations.
  • Manage advertisement content (ad spaces are updatable in real time, banners can be booked and published with a few clicks)
  • Activity reports and more
What are your acceptance criteria?
Your business must be aimed at the private banking and wealth management industry.
Your business must be a bona fide service provider to this industry.
Solutions and Pricing

Inactive: USD 19 / Yearly flat fee

Basic annual fee for an inactive account to remain listed as it is. Email may be forwarded; however, delayed or partially undisclosed to enable a first contact by a subscribed competitor.

Prestige: USD 38 / Yearly flat fee

This service level is ideal as a starter level; companies can update basic information and start building a recognizable brand. Email forwarding is not shared.

Elite: USD 388 / Yearly flat fee

This service level offers a variety of tools and includes various banners for deployment throughout the private banking portal. This service level is enabled for uploading online brochures and deploying HTML mini presentations and more. Subscribers to this service level will appear in the listings prior to all lower service levels and second only to "Super Elite" subscribers.

Super Elite: USD 8888 / Yearly flat fee

This service offers the whole palette of marketing tools available and a number of top level banners for deployment. Subscribers to this service will always appear in the listings prior to all other service levels. Companies in this service level will also be added to priority lists for email forwarding. This means that inquirers that place email requests to "inactive" listings will be prompted to place the same request to Super Elite subscribers. Our program automatically analyzes the request and suggests Super Elite subscribers that operate in the same business field and the same geographical area as the unsubscribed listing.

Please inquire for multiple year/accounts packages: All prices are subject to change without notice. PRIVATEBANKING.COM reserves the right to make adjustments to the price of all products due to changing market conditions
Do you provide discounts for multiple site listings?
Yes, please contact a service representative for more details:
How long will it take to review my listing request / listing (account) activation?
Listings will be immediately live and listed under unregulated categories such as "advisors and consultants". For regulated categories we aim to complete the due diligence process within 3-days. Subject to acceptance, listings in regulated categories will be live immediately.
Can I change the content of my ad space and URL at any time?
Yes, subscribers are provided with credentials to access menus where all content, text, graphics, links, file uploads and display modes can be updated anytime at no extra costs.
You will be able to add or remove your business from categories, change slogans, publish newsletters, add company information, update address information and much more. You are in full control and could even change your business name if needed. In addition, you can buy and deploy banners to targeted markets to drive more traffic to your advertisement areas. All the above and more is done interactively without intervention of anyone at privatebanking.com (excluding addition and removal from regulated categories which need approval)
Where will my listing appear on privatebanking.com?
Your listing will appear under your city (location) in the business categories you choose.
How will my business be ranked in the listings?
Privatebanking.com's ranking logic has been developed to meet criteria aimed at giving the best exposure according to the service level. The listings are divided into four groups, companies pertaining to the "Super Elite" level are displayed first, "Elite" level and "Prestige" level subscribers will be displayed next, the fourth group consists of "inactive accounts"; the latter are free listings that are on the site for a limited time and are displayed last.

In the default view, listings are randomized within each service level group and rearranged on a daily basis. No matter what the listings' alphabetical ranking would be, our sophisticated algorithm ensures that over a certain period of time every subscriber gets the same exposure to potential clients according to the service level group they belong to.
What if I do have my office just outside a major centre (in the suburbs), will I still get traffic?
Our listing technology also includes location bundling; major centers are bundled to ensure that businesses residing outside of the metropolitan core are not penalized. Therefore, if your business is located in the suburbs of a major city your listing will appear in both, the suburb and the major city location. This ensures that users to the site will get accurate information and our subscriber adequate exposure.
Are there any other ways to maximize the traffic I receive?
Yes, there is a range of additional options to maximize the volume of targeted traffic you receive. These options go from adjusting your keywords for the private banking search engine to the placement of text and graphic banners into markets of interest. As an example, if a business that resides in Spain wishes to develop and attract French clientele it can place banners in locations such as France or Paris.
What is the difference between privatebanking.com's online service and printed directories?
Most printed directories' distribution is limited to certain geographical areas and searching these bulky books is rather unpractical. Conversely the private banking portal can be consulted and navigated from anywhere; moreover, while printed media is static online advertisement on this portal can be updated anytime with a few mouse-clicks.

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