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Port Louis
Corporate Services
OCRA (Mauritius) Limited
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OCRA (Mauritius) Limited
OCRA Mauritius has been providing services to clients since 1995 and administers over 1,000 client companies. We set up GBCII (Tax Exempt) and GBCI (Tax Resident) companies, and structure GBCI companies to access Mauritius' extensive tax treaties. We set up offshore companies in the Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and Belize. We also set up USA LLCs. We assist our corporate clients to establish offshore bank accounts in Mauritius, Hong Kong, London, Isle of Man, Luxembourg and Switzerland. In a nutshell, for those in a start up situation or growth, we can assist you with a complete startup package to get your business up and running in no time and with minimal annual maintenance cost. These services can extend to administration, back office operations, virtual services, banking assistance, accounting and ancillary services.
Africa Mauritius Port Louis
Address:   2nd Floor, Max City Building, Remy Ollier Street Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius
Phone: +230 217 5100
Fax: +230 217 5400
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