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Fundamentals of Fails Management, 9 February 2010, London

Failed Trade Settlement is very expensive in terms of Penalties, extra working time needed to resolve a situation and possible loss of reputation. It also erodes a good client relationship. It is not really surprising that clients give their highest ratings to some of the most expensive Custodians, Brokers and Banks. Cheap is often dear and dear is often cheap!

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Best Practices in Internal Audit Conference, 4-5 February 2010, Singapore


Achieve Quality Internal Audit & Enhance Business Value by Harnessing the Synergies of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance!

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Help your high net worth clients shelter more of their Estate

TriCap Assurance provides a set of unique and flexible life assurance solutions designed to help your high net worth clients keep a high level of confidentiality while retaining full control over their assets.

These products are designed to leverage favourable tax treaties and other tax optimization strategies to deliver a highly customized wealth and estate planning solution. The services are provided by TriCap Assurance, a life insurance company with an international focus, incorporated in the Cayman Islands and licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

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