With Each GCash Transaction Via GForest, A Complimentary Tree Will Be Planted. Further Details On This Promotion

With growing concern over climate change and the loss of biodiversity, initiatives aimed at preserving nature are becoming extremely important. One of these initiatives is the GForest program by GCash, which allows each user not only to make electronic payments but also to actively help preserve forest resources. The main goal of the GForest program is to actively combat the growing loss of vegetation cover and help reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to the joint efforts of GCash users and partners, more than 2.7 million real trees have been planted in 14 key areas of the Philippines as of 2023. In addition, the initiative is having a positive impact on local farming families, who are gaining new opportunities to improve their lives and secure sustainable livelihoods.


Explanation Of The Tree-Planting Incentive For GCash Transactions

GCash’s GForest program offers a unique opportunity for each user to make a positive contribution to environmental protection, even during ordinary financial transactions. Each successful transaction through the GCash payment system, such as buying a mobile phone credit, transferring funds, paying bills or replenishing a wallet, brings the user a certain number of Green Energy Points. These points can be collected and used for virtual tree planting as part of the GForest program.

The principle of operation is very simple: every time a user makes a transaction through GCash, he or she receives a certain number of green energy points that reflect his or her contribution to nature conservation. These points can be accumulated and used in the GForest app to plant trees virtually. When a user has accumulated enough points, he or she can choose the type of tree he or she wants to plant. Thus, each transaction through GCash turns into a real contribution to the conservation of forest resources and reduction of carbon emissions. This initiative has a double positive effect: on the one hand, it encourages users to make more financial transactions through GCash, which contributes to the development of electronic payments and the convenience of using digital financial services. At the same time, users will be able to spend money on their needs, such as the best GCash online casinos and SlotsUp verified list. On the other hand, the initiative actively promotes environmental preservation and green building, helping to plant new trees and improve the ecological situation in the country. The incentive of planting a tree for each GCash transaction is not only an effective way to attract users to the program, but also has a significant positive impact on the environmental and social sphere. For example, sponsoring a tree planting stimulates participation in environmental initiatives, raises awareness of the need to preserve nature, and contributes to the formation of an environmental culture among users.

Below is a numbered list of the benefits of planting trees with GCash transactions through the GForest program:

  1. Engaging in environmental efforts: The GForest program motivates users to make financial transactions through GCash, using digital financial services to help preserve nature.
  2. Creation of new green areas: Trees are planted in designated areas, contributing to the creation of new forests and the preservation of natural ecosystems.
  3. Supporting local communities: The initiative helps improve the livelihoods of local rural families by providing them with opportunities to improve their incomes through agriculture and other related industries.
  4. Reducing carbon emissions: Planting trees helps to reduce carbon emissions as trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and contribute to climate stability.
  5. Raising public awareness: The initiative helps to raise public awareness of environmental issues and the importance of nature conservation by encouraging participation in environmental protection activities.

This approach allows us not only to make a positive contribution to nature conservation, but also to support social and environmental initiatives that are important for the future of our planet.

Details Of The Promotion Mechanics And How It Works


  • Earning Green Energy Points (GEP): Every successful transaction through the GCash payment system earns the user a certain number of Green Energy Points. These points are accumulated for various transactions, such as purchasing a mobile phone credit, transferring funds, paying bills, or replenishing your wallet.
  • Collecting points and using them in the GForest program: Once Green Energy Points are earned, the user can collect and redeem them in the GForest app, which is part of the GCash ecosystem. In the GForest app, users can choose the type of tree they want to plant and use the accumulated points to plant a virtual tree.
  • Implementation of planting real trees: When a user decides to plant a virtual tree through the GForest program, GCash and its partners take responsibility for planting a real tree in a specific area. This can be done in cooperation with local conservation organizations or through other environmental initiatives.
  • Receiving a certificate and recognition for participation: After a user plants a virtual tree through GForest, they will receive a certificate of their contribution to nature conservation and carbon reduction. This can encourage users to further participate in the program and spread awareness of environmental issues.


This program is proving to be not only an effective tool for improving the environmental situation, but also a true mission to engage the public in positive environmental change. Thanks to the joint efforts of GCash users and their partners, more than 2.7 million trees have been planted in key areas of the Philippines, which underscores the program’s enormous potential for biodiversity conservation and carbon reduction. In addition, the GForest initiative actively contributes to the development of local communities, improving the living conditions of rural families and providing them with new opportunities for sustainable development. Thus, the program not only helps to preserve natural resources, but also contributes to social progress and improve the quality of life of local communities.

By encouraging users to actively participate in the program, GCash plays a key role in creating environmental awareness and supporting community efforts to preserve the environment for future generations. Continuing this collaborative effort can have a far-reaching impact on preserving our planet and creating a livable environment for all its inhabitants.

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